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Oleg Gudachev

Oleg Gudachev

Nastasya Khrushcheva

Nastasya Khrushcheva

Artur Zobnin

Artur Zobnin

Dariya Maminova

Dariya Maminova


What does it mean to be a composer today?
What is the role of a composer in different cultural contexts?
How has technology changed the composition process?
What are musical identities, and why are they important?
Who in your opinion is the greatest living composer?


Composing can be quite an isolated task at times and there are few opportunities for young composers to get high level support and to meet other like minded musicians. We encourage the young people to find their own musical voice by giving them freedom to be creative whilst offering support and advice along the way.


One of the important activities of the reMusik.org is to support emerging composers from various musical backgrounds with promising and unique compositional voices. reMusik.org will publish selected works in order to present and develop new music, distributing it through an online platform and providing digital tools for communication.


This project was created with the aim of supporting young authors, initiating and attracting grants for writing and performing new compositions. The opportunity to experiment is especially important at early career stages for a young composer who look for new ways and explore new frontiers in art.


reMusik.org lets young composers hear their own work, played large. Provides emerging composers with the opportunity to experiment and develop a composition while having professional musicians at their disposal.



As a platform for presenting and popularizing the contemporary music, Edition reMusik.org is open for cooperation and development of the distribution network and is interested in distribution of the catalogue items, information support and bilateral cooperation, with a view to present and disseminate your products through the reMusik.org platform.


Edition reMusik.org provides sheet music and all kinds of technical data necessary for music performance, on the basis of lease. You may acquire an official license for the use of any material licensed by us. To do this, send us a request in the form of online application, clicking on the link below, and we will contact you as soon as possible.