Sarah Nemtsov

Sarah Nemtsov:
“New music is still much more an “adventure”

For Journal, composer Sarah Nemtsov shared the story of the creation of the composition, talked about her teaching experience and how the lockdown affected the composer’s work.

© Photo by Laurent Orseau

Stefan Prins: “About the Russian identity
I often feel some kind of post-futuristic attitude to music”

In an interview with, composer Stefan Prins answered questions concerning his projects during the period of isolation, teaching and how he sees the development of new music.



The annual St. Petersburg International New Music Festival is among the main projects through which pursue its mission. The largest festival of new music in Russia takes place at the end of May during a period of famous White Nights in distinguished venues around the city, including the Mariinsky Theatre Concert Hall, the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater, New Holland, the St. Petersburg State Conservatory and others.

The festival is presented by world-famous musicians and well-known ensembles, both classical and experimental ones, specializing in the new music performance. The Festival covers various areas of contemporary academic music – experimental, electro-acoustic, electronic music, multimedia projects, free improvisation and others.

The festival program has numerous educational highlights: master classes, pre-rehearsal talks, scientific conference, composition course, presentations, educational lectures, training lab for music critics, workshops and reading sessions with soloists and several ensembles.




The “Issues of Contemporary Music Analysis” International Scientific Conference. The topic of the conference is “Sound Space in New Music”.


By connecting students all over the world to the best professionals and unparalleled networking opportunities, is helping individuals reach their goals.


Observe the art of interpretation and technique as master artists share their knowledge and experience with the next generation.


Each year the invites prominent people to drive debate on new music topics. Lectures are important event and encourages people to enter into dialogue – often about difficult subjects – in order to address the challenges we face today.


The project offers the opportunity to look at new music through the eyes of the music’s authors to hold a discussion with them – not only about the internal musical structures and compositional tools of their works, but about the very process of composing itself.