Being a part of St. Petersburg Contemporary Music Center, the publishing house – and the label — specializes exclusively on publishing new music, being engaged in its activities along with the other profile areas of the Center that aims primarily and principally at support of composers and musicians who are in constant search for unique ideas. In addition to publishing music scores, audio and video recording, Edition is engaged in publishing musicological, critical and scientific essays on modern music, and, as a label, acts in support of initiatives of ensembles, orchestras and soloists — performers of new music.

Among the profile directions of the Edition are:
— Scores
— Books
— Science articles
— Magazine
— Musical-theoretical works
— Reviews
— Interview
— Audio
— Video

Being integrated into the structure of the Center, Edition provides a platform for business communication between composers, musicologists, artists, music groups and concert organizations in Russia and abroad.

You may send your materials for consideration with a view of publication. To do this, please send us an email:

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