The Postgraduate Course in Applied Composition

The postgraduate course in Applied Composition aims to provide up-to-date technical training in the field of music production, focusing on the fields of experimentalism associated with the multiplicity of practices inherent in contemporary Western art music and the diversity of means of production inherent to it. During the postgraduate course, students will have the opportunity to work with an internationally renowned faculty and Ensemble Recherche.

The faculty will be represented by the following professors: Ensemble Recherche (ensemble), Luis Naón (composition), Rut Schereiner (conducting), Alex Waite (interpretation – piano), Michele Tadini (computer-aided composition).

Education lasts 1 year and starts in October – November 2022. The final presentation will take place from 17 to 23 July 2023 with the participation of the Ensemble Recherche.

Priority will be given to artistic and technical training courses associated with Musical Composition, Musical Performance, and also courses related to the Performing Arts and Cinema.


Deadline 8 October 2022

Website esmlcomposition.blogspot.com