International Composition And Piano Masterclass And Workshop

The Masterclass and Workshop are addressed to all composers and pianists who wish to present their works to Salvatore Sciarrino, Marco Momi and Mariangela Vacatello, discussing topics ranging from the most technical aspects to reflections on writing and contemporaneity.

The course is divided into two parts, the first consists of a writing Workshop for piano, aimed at the creation of an original piece for solo piano (also with electronics); the second is a Masterclass held by Salvatore Sciarrino who, starting from the works for piano created in the presence of the maestro, will be able to extend the discussion to other personal scores.

The aim of the Workshop is to promote a close-contact experience between pianists and composers, sharing the stages of writing, studying and performing the new works written for the occasion. Under the guidance of Marco Momi, Mariangela Vacatello and Salvatore Sciarrino, the participants will be confronted with the peculiarities of the relationship between who writes and who performs, both in the contemporary and in the classical repertoire, in order to stimulate the recognition of the instances of novelty and invention transversal to every age.

The atmosphere of dialogue and interaction will stimulate a dialectical relationship between the two practices, making the Workshop an experience that will allow participants to refine the comparison with the musical peculiarities of those who interpret the historicized repertoire and to experiment with expressive urgency and new contents.

The organisation of the course includes 2 online meetings with Marco Momi to be held in spring 2022 on dates to be agreed upon, in order to discuss the compositional path of the piano piece. It will then be the responsibility of the organisation to put each composer in contact with a pianist to exchange drafts and ideas, so as to be able to finalise the piece in a profitable way during the days of the Masterclass. During the first two days of the masterclass there will be individual and/or group lessons with Mariangela Vacatello, for the pianists, followed by two days (20-21 August) dedicated exclusively to the Workshop: Marco Momi, Mariangela Vacatello – with the participation during the second day of Salvatore Sciarrino – will work together with pianists and composers on new pieces that will be performed in a public concert organised by Foresty International Music Festival.

The last three days of the masterclass (22-24 August) will be dedicated to the composition course held by Salvatore Sciarrino, during which there will be meetings dedicated to listening to and discussing the pieces presented by the participants (for any ensemble) and to Salvatore Sciarrino’s production. There will also be convivial and informal moments in which to discuss the topics that emerge from the meetings in an atmosphere of sharing and mutual listening.


Deadline 21 February 2022

Website cdmsanmichele.com