Lucerne Festival Academy 2022 – Composer Seminar

This two-week-long composer seminar provides eight young composer an intense dialogue with Wolfgang Rihm, Dieter Ammann and international young performers. In the first week, the group of composers are discussing scores and recordings with Dieter Ammann and Wolfgang Rihm including individual one-to-one lessons for each composer. In the second week, the composers will be joined by the IEMA-Ensemble 2021/22 and young conductors of the Lucerne Festival Conducting Fellowship to prepare new works for ensemble written for the composer seminar to be premiered as part of the Summer Festival 2022.

As part of a new cooperation with the International Ensemble Modern Academy (IEMA), the IEMA-Ensemble 2021/22 will work during the second week of the composer seminar with the composers on new ensemble pieces, and premiered as part of Lucerne Festival Summer 2022.

During the closing concert, three to five pieces will be selected by a jury formed of members of Ensemble Modern. Following a further working period with the composers, these pieces will then be performed by Ensemble Modern as part of their concert series “Happy New Ears” in Frankfurt.
The collaboration between the Composer Seminar of the Lucerne Festival, IEMA and Ensemble Modern takes place through curtain_call, part of ICCS (International Composer & Conductor Seminars), Ensemble Modern’s programme for supporting young composers and conductors, made possible through sponsorship from the Aventis Foundation.

Composers must create a new piece lasting eight minutes, for an ensemble of seven to thirteen instruments, selected from the following instrumentation:
One flute (including piccolo and bass flute), one oboe (including cor anglais), one clarinet (including bass clarinet), one bassoon, one horn, one trumpet, one piano, one percussion, two violins, one viola, one violoncello, one double bass.


Deadline 22 November 2021

Website lucernefestival.ch