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IRCAM Cursus Program on Composition and Computer Music

Serving the institute’s missions of research and creation, the Cursus program for composition and computer music is the flagship program in the broad range of IRCAM’s educational activities. Initiated in 1990 under Pierre Boulez, numerous composers (such as F. Baschet, F. Bedrossian, O. Bianchi, E. Campion, R. Cendo, F. Filidei, J. Fineberg, S. Gervasoni, C. Iannota, P. Jodlowski, M. Lanza, B. Mantovani, Y. Maresz, B. Pauset, Hèctor Parra, Y. Robin, L. Ronchetti, G. Spiropoulos, C. Trapani, F. Verunelli…) have enhanced their musical thought through the technological tools made available in the Cursus program where the philosophy is that technology is not an end it itself but a tool at the service of musical artistic and creation idea.

For 12 months (from October to September of the following year),a special program will be implemented so students can acquire genuine technical autonomy and fluency in a number of computer programs.

Included in the activities at the heart of our institute, composers are trained in the use of IRCAM software for music composition (Max, OpenMusic, Modalys, TS2, Spat, etc.) in a wide-ranging and productive environment based on exchanges and encounters with researchers, programmers, sound engineers, computer-music designers, and composers working in our labs and studios. Training features hands-on work in the studios and workshops led by the composer associated with the Cursus, Pierre Jodlowski on different themes, such as dance, video/film, text, improvisation and electronics including guest artist seminars.

Students present mini projects at the end of each unit throughout the program. This validates their skills and prepares them for the production of their final project presented to the public during the IRCAM season program in September 2023.

IRCAM focuses on a constant renewal and is open to changes. As a result, this final project can now be expressed using a multitude of forms: a piece of music, a sonic installation, an electronic or electroacoustic work including other media such as dance, images, text, poetry, etc. Forms and formats are very open.

Through a partnership with the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris (Cnsmdp), the Haute École de musique de Genève, the Académie supérieure de musique de Strasbourg-HEAR, the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Lyon (CNSMDL) and the Pôle supérieur d’enseignement artistique Paris Boulogne-Billancourt (PSPBB) students signed up in a Master’s degree in composition in one of these establishments can take their first year of their degree in IRCAM’s Cursus if selected by the Cursus jury.


Deadline 8 November 2021