Puccini International Opera Composition Course

The Puccini International Opera Composition Course will take place in Lucca (Italy) from July 19th to 31th, 2021.

The Puccini International Opera Composition Course is addressed to composers (both with or without an academic degree) willing to investigate thoroughly all compositional techniques in use in opera writing today, focusing both on the Italian tradition and on the genre’s contemporary international developments.
The course’s aim is to hand down the great opera tradition, having as a target the creation of new operas, bridging the past and the future in a new and enthralling vision.

Participants will get to a deeper understanding of the various aspects of composing for opera theatre. At the end of the course, each participant must submit a complete pre-project for a new chamber opera, writing a section or a full score for voice and piano (at least 25 minutes). The best projects will be selected to be performed as mise-en- scene at the ‘Puccini Chamber Opera Festival 2022’ in collaboration with Teatro del Giglio of Lucca. All scores produced will be published and recorded video/audio by EMA Vinci

Guests Artists:
– Alessandro Solbiati (Composer and Composition Teacher of the ‘Conservatorio G. Verdi’, Milan)
– Massimo Luconi (Stage Director)

– Girolamo Deraco (Composer, Contemporary Opera Stage Director, Principal Teacher and Artistic Director of the Puccini International Opera Composition Course)
– Maria Elena Romanazzi (Soprano, Performer)
– Luigi Esposito (Composer, Visual artist, Sound designer, Performer pianist, Writer)
– Antonio Agostini (Composer, Guitarist)
– Stefano Teani (Composer, Conductor, Performer pianist)
– Gabriele Micheli (Librettist, Conductor, Pianist)
– Giuseppe Nicolò (Gramophones Collector, TV Presenter, Writer ad Librettist)


Deadline 30 April 2021