VI St. Petersburg International New Music Festival



VI St. Petersburg International New Music Festival

—Arch. 2019

This year, Saint Petersburg Contemporary Music Center “” launched a unique educational project first ever — a composition course which held from May 17th to 26th, 2019 in the framework of the 6th St. Petersburg International New Music Festival.

This creative composing lab is an exciting opportunity for young and emerging composers from around the world. Twenty selected composers participated in the Festival’s events, master classes, reading sessions and workshops, as well as received a professional live recording of their work at one of the festival concerts. Participants spent the day learning techniques, gaining ideas, and trying new things out with a focus on composing under direction esteemed faculty: Oscar Bianchi (Switzerland), Raphaël Cendo (France) and Vladimir Tarnopolsky (Russia). This project curated by composer Alexander Khubeev.

75 students from 24 countries of Europe, Asia, North and South America applied to participate in the Composition Course. A professional jury selected 20 authors: three young composers were awarded scholarships from the Union of Composers of Russia, another two – from the International Association of Young Musicians “MolOt International Group” of the Russian Musical Union.

Students of the creative composing lab during a nine-day opportunity attended lectures and individual classes, as well as collaborated on their compositions with six new music ensembles in the workshop format.

List of Participants: Victor Baez (Mexico), Simone Cardini (Italy), Youshin Gim (Republic of Korea), Oleg Gudachev (Saint Petersburg, Russia), Jug Markovich (Serbia), Kaito Nakahori (Japan), Amin Sharifi (Iran), Luis Miguel Delgado Grande (Colombia), Oleg Krokhalev (Perm/Moscow, Russia), Sergey Leonov (Saint Petersburg, Russia), Yevgeniy Prituzhalov (Ekaterinburg, Russia), Dmitry Remezov (Ekaterinburg/Moscow, Russia), Danil Sevostyanov (Moscow, Russia), Daria Tennikova-Satral (Russia/USA), Alexey Vasilyev (Samara, Russia), Foo Jeng Wong (Malaysia), Laura Jekabsone (Latvia), Roman Parkhomenko (Kazan, Russia), Andrea Scalmana (Italy), and Igor Jacimovic (Serbia).


Mariinsky Theatre Concert Hall
Dekabristov St., 37

New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre
Fontanka River Embankment 49, Lit A

Concert Hall “Jaani Kirik”
Dekabristov St., 54A

The N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov
Saint Petersburg State Conservatory
Glinka St., 2, Lit A

St. Petersburg Glinka Choir College
Masterskaya St., 4

The Centre for Art and Music
of the Vladimir Mayakovsky Library
Nevsky Prospekt 20

New Holland
Admiralteysky Canal Embankment, 2

Creative Space “Lumiere Hall”
Obvodnogo Kanala emb., 74А

Masterskaya M. K. Anikushina
Vyazemsky Ln., 8


18 May, St. Petersburg Glinka Choir College
Composition Course: Welcome meeting & commencement of activities

19 May, St. Petersburg Glinka Choir College
Composition Course: Individual Lessons

20 May, St. Petersburg Glinka Choir College
Composition Course: Individual Lessons

20 May, St. Petersburg Conservatory
Reading session with ensemble für neue musik zürich (Switzerland) and Vladimir Tarnopolsky

21 May, St. Petersburg Glinka Choir College
Composition Course: Individual Lessons

21 May, St. Petersburg Conservatory
Composition Course: Reading session with Marcus Weiss, saxophone (Switzerland)

21 May, Mariinsky Theatre Concert Hall
Concert: ensemble für neue musik zürich (Switzerland)

22 May, St. Petersburg Glinka Choir College
Composition Course: Individual Lessons

22 May, St. Petersburg Conservatory
Composer meet-and-greet: Katharina Rosenberger (Switzerland)

22 May, Lumiere Hall
Concert: Marcus Weiss, saxophone (Switzerland)
and Ensemble for New Music Tallinn (Estonia)

22 May, New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre
Concert: Duo Around the Corner (Spain, Switzerland)

23 May, Vladimir Mayakovsky Library
Presentations of the Composition Course Participants

23 May, New Holland
Reading session with Ensemble for New Music Tallinn (Estonia)
and Oscar Bianchi (Switzerland)

23 May, St. Petersburg Conservatory
Composer meet-and-greet: Vladimir Tarnopolski (Russia)

23 May, Lumiere Hall
Concert: A&C Quartet (Russia)

23 May, New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre
Concert: Ensemble for New Music Tallinn (Estonia)

24 May, Vladimir Mayakovsky Library
Presentations of the Composition Course Participants

24 May, St. Petersburg Conservatory
Reading session with Studio for New Music Ensemble
and Raphaël Cendo (France)

24 May, St. Petersburg Conservatory
Composer meet-and-greet: Alexander Knaifel (Russia)

24 May, St. Petersburg Conservatory
Composer meet-and-greet: Oscar Bianchi (Switzerland)

24 May, Masterskaya M. K. Anikushina
Studio for New Music (Russia)

25 May, St. Petersburg Conservatory
The Third Scientific Conference “Music in the Age of Media”

25 May, St. Petersburg Conservatory
Composer meet-and-greet: Raphaël Cendo (France)

25 May, New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre
Presentations of the Composition Course Participants

25 May, Concert Hall “Jaani Kirik”
Makrokosmos Quartet (Switzerland)

26 May, St. Petersburg Conservatory
Reading session with Ensemble Makrokosmos (Switzerland)
and Raphaël Cendo (France)

26 May, Vladimir Mayakovsky Library
Presentations of the Composition Course Participants

Announcing the Awards of the 1st Composition Course The work of Simone Cardini will be performed at the festival in May 2020, and also his score together with pieces by composers Oleg Krokhalev and Kaito Nakahorito will be published by Edition

Kaito Nakahori

Kaito Nakahori

Simone Cardini

Simone Cardini

Oleg Krokhalev

Oleg Krokhalev



Raphaël Cendo

Raphaël Cendo

Oscar Bianchi

Oscar Bianchi

Vladimir Tarnopolski

Vladimir Tarnopolsky



ensemble für neue musik zürich

Marcus Weiss

Makrokosmos Quartet

Studio for New Music Ensemble

Ensemble for New Music Tallinn

A&C Quartet


Aleksey Vasiliev

Aleksey Vasiliev works with microtonal musical systems, in particular – with a 19-tone equal temperament. He composes music in this system, and also engaged in construction of its theory. Theoretical developments are closely related to the search for a new enarmonic musical language involving both tonal and combinatorial resources of the new system. He began to study music by learning to play classical guitar. At this time, he is designing new musical instruments for the 19-tone equal temperament system.

Kaito Nakahori

Kaito Nakahori was born in 1989 in Japan. He began teaching composition himself at the age of 14 when Toru
Takemitsu’s music made a great impression on him. He received bachelor’s degree from Toho College of Music, and
master’s degree from San Francisco Conservatory of Music. He is currently based in New York.

Toshio Hosokawa described Kaito Nakahori’s music as He is a composer who has a unique meditative world, and his
music has a fascinating tone color, which is perceived as “Oriental” to the Occidental ear. It brings to mind not an ancient Orient, but rather a new, sophisticated world which envelops a modern night view of a sea of skyscrapers, the likes off Tokyo or Shanghai. His lush sound, like a freshly picked fruit, heralds the arrival of an Oriental composer of new era.

In 2015, his portrait concert was held at the United Nations, when he conducted and presented his chamber pieces, and
was a huge success. His piece Hotarubi commissioned by Goethe Institut in 2017, Meigetsu commissioned by Takefu
International Music Festival, Samon commissioned by Kyoto Art Center in 2018, Two Different Paintings commissioned
by Tokyo Bunka Kaikan at the 150th anniversary concert of Japan and Hungary diplomatic relations in 2019 and many
others have been gained a good reputation as Japanese composer.

He has won numerous prizes including Brian M. Israel Prize with his piece Zero. His works have been performed by
Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France, Avanti! Chamber Orchestra, Ensemble Dal Niente, Meitar Ensemble, JACK
Quartet, Aki Takahashi, Mayumi Miyata at Mani-Fest (IRCAM), Boston Early Music Festival, Nuova Consonanza, Suntory
Hall, Merkin Hall, Jordan Hall, Sala Radio Hall, Hong Kong Culture Center, Radio Nacional Cordoba. He has given
lectures at The Japan Cultural Institute in Rome, National University of Colombia and Hiroshima City University.

Youshin Gim

Youshin Gim is a Korean Composer. Currently he is in Bachelor Degree at Korea National University of Arts, Finished Exchange Program at Hochschule für Künste, Bremen under the Jörg Birkenkötter. He”s work has been presented Synthetis Composer Course, Dialogue Music Festival, KNUA Organ Festival and received 1st prize at Omsk International Composition Competition. He also had a masterclass with Numerous Composers such as Ondrej Adamek, Clara Iannotta, Johannes Kreidler, Mauricio Sotelo etc. Currently He is a Composer-in-Residence of SONOR XXI Ensemble, Republic of Korea.

Danil Sevostyanov

С 2010 по 2012 гг. обучался в Краснодарском Государственном университете Культуры и Искусств на кафедре специального фортепиано в классе проф. Межлумовой Нелли Леоновны и на кафедре композиции в классе проф. Проститова Олега Леонидовича. С 2012 г. По 2017 обучался в Московской Государственной консерватории имени П.И.Чайковского на кафедре композиции в классе профессора Каспарова Юрия Сергеевича.. Лауреат ряда международных и всероссийских конкурсов, участник различных фестивалей и курсов в качестве композитора и пианиста.

Foo Jeng Wong

Foo Jeng Wong is a Malaysian composer and performer. His performances have spanned a variety of venues across Malaysia and North America. Through the means of storytelling, his work often finds itself in between the spaces of Classical and improvised music.

At Berklee College of Music, he studied composition with Alla Cohen, Vadim Neselovskyi and Jeffrey Means. He was also an active participant in the university’s ‘Society of Composers’, where he’s been featured as a composer and performer in a number of their ‘Old South Church’ concerts and composer showcases.

Foo Jeng has also taken part in various Malaysian artistic productions, including being the principal bassist for both ‘Esya the Musical’ (an award-winning musical) and ‘Making Music Together’ (a cross-institution orchestral program that culminated in a performance at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center). His goal is to, ultimately, create stories from his art, and to uncover beauty in the tradition and evolution of music.

Laura Jēkabsone

Sergey Leonov

Amin Sharifi

Amin Sharifi (Mohammad Amin Sharifi), Iranian contemporary composer, studied Composition at the Art University of Tehran and Indiana University Jacobs School of Music under the direction of Nader Mashayekhi, Mehdi Hosseini, Peter Ablinger, Klaus Lang, David Dzubay, and Don Freund. He also has had lessons with Krzysztof Penderecki, Georg Friedrich Haas, Dai Fujikura, Tansy Davies, Augusta Read Thomas, George Nussbaumer, Rolf Wallin, Alex Mincek, Kate Soper, Sven-David Sandström, Ken Ueno, John Gibson, Nina C. Young, and Sean Shepherd.

His works have been performed in the United States, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Russia, Canada and his home Iran. His music was called “creative, individualistic, artistic” by the critique of Juilliard School of Music and “product of an unbridled imagination” by the Memphis Daily News. Sharifi’s pieces have been performed by such new-music ensembles/orchestras as JACK Quartet, Hypercube, S.E.M., Luna Nova, DissonArt, Duo Sequenza, Pierrot-Tehran, Breakout, the Indiana University Symphonic Band, and the Indiana Philharmonic. His music has been heard at eviMus 2017, TCMF, Druskomanija Festival, WSU Contemporary Art Music Festival, and Risuonanze 2018. In summer 2017, his triple concerto TrombionOphone or Riders in the Field of Hope for soprano saxophone, trombone and accordion was the first-prize winner of the XXIII Edition of International Composition Competition Concorso 2 Agosto and was performed by the Tuscanini Philharmonic Orchestra in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna, Italy.

“A Portrait of the Composer as a Young Man” (after the title of James Joyce’s first novel), an album of Amin Sharifi’s select chamber music composed from 2013 to 2016, was released by Petrichor Records in the U.S. and Arqnoon Records in Iran. The music was performed and recorded by members of the Pierrot-Tehran New Music Ensemble, Breakout Ensemble and solo artists in Germany, the U.S. and Iran. This album could be considered the musical equivalent of Künstlerroman, German for “artist’s novel”—a narrative about a young artist’s serious explorations and growth toward artistic maturity.

Recently, “Shifting Colors on the Slant”, the collection of Sharifi’s solo piano music has been released worldwide. A collection of painted pieces of music, combination of Middle Eastern musical elements and Persian architectural ideas, impressionistic atmosphere, the effect of shifting colors, as well as improvisatory and aleatoric forms are what to expect to hear in this album. Both of his albums are available physically and digitally worldwide Amin Sharifi currently holds a Ph.D fellowship in Composition at Duke University in the United States.

Oleg Gudachev

Oleg Gudachev is a composer and musician (clarinet, saxophone). Co-founder, member and director of the {instead} ensemble. He was born in Leningrad in 1988. He graduated from the St. Petersburg Conservatory. N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov on the specialty “Composition”. Since 2014 he has been a postgraduate student at Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet, at the faculty of Art Studies.

He was a student of the Fifth International Academy of Young Composers in Tchaikovsky city. At different times he studied and / or took part in the master classes of Raphael Sendo, Peter Ablinger, Beat Furrer, Stefan Tut, Dmitry Kurlyandsky, Vladimir Gorlinsky, Sergei Nevsky, Boris Filanovsky.

Daria Tennikova-Satral

Daria Tennikova-Satral was born in 1989 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia where she first took composition classes with Natalia Karsh at the age of 7. Daria completed her degree in Collaborative Piano and Pedagogy at Mussorgsky Music College in 2008, where she also took composition lessons with Vladimir N. Sokolov. Daria resides in the United States since 2009. She holds a Bachelor of Music in Composition degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (2014), where she studied with Laura Schwendinger, Stephen Dembski and Les Thimmig; and a Master of Music degree from Rice University (2017), where her teachers were Anthony Brandt, Richard Lavenda and Pierre Jalbert. Her music has been read and performed by Lincoln Trio, JACK Quartet, and Cadillac Moon ensembles among others. In 2017 she was commissioned by Houston Foundation for Modern Music a short ballet, premiered in April 2017.

Daria actively writes for solo instruments, chamber ensembles, and orchestra; with main interests in creating music for piano, voice, and orchestra. Her music festivals participation includes New Music on the Point (Leicester, VT), UPBEAT (Milna, Croatia) and Atlantic Center for the Arts (New Smyrna Beach, FL). Daria is a composer-performer, so she enjoys playing classical and contemporary music, frequently performing her own works and the works of her fellow composers. Currently, she resides in New York City and teaches music, languages and chess to children and adults. Daria finds much pleasure in writing music for children-her students.

Igor Jacimovic

Igor Jacimovic (1995, Belgrade). Studies in composition and music theory at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Graz and University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna. Attended several masterclasses with different composers such as Stefano Gervasoni, Marco Stroppa and Marc Sabat. Performed by numerous ensembles and soloists – such as Concerto Armonico, members of The National Hungarian Radio Orchestra, Alfredo Ovalles and Ivan Basic, to name a few – across Europe.

Luis Miguel Delgado Grande

Colombian musician, music theory university teacher assistant and composer.

Luis Miguel was born on Oct. 02, 1990. He first studied composition with the Colombian composer Blas Emilio Atehortúa, while finishing his studies in Universidad Industrial de Santander. In 2014 he started his studies at Centro Superior Katarina Gurska. He has taken classes with Alberto posadas, José Luis Torá, Aureliano
Cattaneo, Beat Furrer, Pierluigi Billone, Maria Cecilia Villanueva, among others.

He has participated as composer in several events such as: “Festival Festiqartetos” for string quartets and composers (Bogotá, Colombia 2016); “Festival Distat Terra” for young composers (Argentina 2016); Festival “Mixtur” (Barcelona, Spain 2017), Jornadas de música nueva (Asunción, Paraguay 2017.) Moreover, his works have been programmed and commissioned in many places like Boston, Chicago, Barcelona, Belgrade, Madrid, Asunción, Bogotá, and Mexico city; by varied ensembles and artists such as: the Sigma-Project Saxophone Quartet (Spain), Ensemble Cepromusic (Mexico), Robin Meiksins (USA), Lorelei Dowling (member of Klangforum Vien), Boston Microtonal Society, Chirchan Larson, Quartetto Maurice (Italy), among others.

In 2011 he won the 1st prize at the Beca Bicentenario (Santander 2011). In 2017 he was awarded by the Ministry of Culture of Colombia with an artistic residence with CEPROMUSIC Ensemble in Mexico city and in 2018 he was selected by the National Center of Contemporary Arts in Nizhni Nòvgorod, Rusia for the Binational Colombia-Russia concert, guest artist in Changes places program by Siemens Stitfung, and the 27th International Review of Composers in Belgrade, Serbia.

He currently resides in Bucaramanga, Colombia.

Roman Parkhomenko

Roman Parkhomenko is a young composer, a student of the Kazan State Conservatory N. G. Zhiganova (Composition teacher – V.Kharisov), Winner of National and International composition competitions, participant of educational programs and residences in Russia and abroad. Member of the Youth Branch of the Composers Union of the Russian Federation since 2017, member of the “MolOtInternationalGroup” of the Russian Musical Union since 2017.

Yevgeniy Prituzhalov

Simone Cardini

Born in Rome, he studied at Conservatorio Santa Cecilia composition with Telli and piano with Torchiani; then he decided to perfect his studies with Solbiati (Conservatoire Francis Poulenc and Conservatorio G. Verdi) and Fedele (Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia).

In international masterclasses and academies he is developing his aesthetic approach thanks to the tutelage of Hosokawa, Haas, Gervasoni, Eötvös, Stroppa, Bedrossian, Gander, Bianchi, Netti, Murail.

His compositions have been played in Europe, Russia, Cina and USA, in eminent expositions and festivals like ArteScienza (2012) in collaboration with the sculptor C. Lorenzetti, Contemporanea (2013), Nuova Consonanza (2013, 2014, 2015), Rondò (2014, 2019), Rondò in Moferatto (2018), EMUFest (2015, 2016), NYCEMF (2015, 2018), Musiche in Mostra (2016), GAMO (2016, 2018), Festival Contrasti (2017), PIF (2017), ATMusica (2017, 2019), Assoli II, III, IV (2017, 2018, 2019), Festival Cinque Giornate (2018), Ticino Musica (2018), 32nd ed. Festival Avanti! (2018), Impuls (2019), 10th FIP Guadalquivir (2019), VIPA (2019), St. Petersburg International New Music Festival (2019), Royaumont – Académie Voix Nouvelles (2019), Festival Milano Musica (2019), Musicacoustica – Beijing (2019) by ensembles like Klangforum Wien, Neue Vocalsolisten, Prometeo Ensemble, IEMA, Divertimento Ensemble, Brouwer Trio, Studio for New Music Ensemble from Moscow, MDI Ensemble, GAMO, ATMusica, New Made Ensemble, Apostroph’, Avanti Chamber Orchestra, Imago Sonora, Thrensemble, Six Memos Ensemble, Duo Essentia, PMCE, Orchestra Giovanile di Roma, Deutsche Radio Philharmonie, conducted by Volkov, Angius, Gorli, Nawri, Corlay, Battista.

His works have been selected and even awarded in competitions like AFAM (2014), NYCEMF (2015, 2018), P. Eötvös CMF (2016), T. Korhonen Competition (2016), IWfYC (2016), Franco Evangelisti (2016), MotoContrario cfs (2017), Valentino Bucchi 37th ed. (2015), XVII Premio Trio di Trieste (2016), SICPP (2017), Sävellyspaja (2018), IWfYC Soloist (2018), Saarbrücker Komponistenwerkstatt (2019), etc.

His paper Music and Architecture – Aesthetic and sociological implications has been published in the book Musica & Architettura, Nuova Cultura Ed. (2012).

His works since 2018 are published by Ed. Suvini Zerboni, the work Threshold is published by Universal Edition.

Andrea Scalmana

Andrea Scalmana was born in Melito di Porto Salvo on 23/01/1997 and began his musical studies at 10, under the guidance of Maestro Francesco Pepè. He has won numerous editions of various international competitions including “Pasquale Benintende Award”, “Mediterranean Guitar Encounters”, “International Festival of Guitar City of Fiuggi”.

In 2011 he won the 5th edition of the “Città di Fiuggi International Guitar Competition” for young people.
In 2013 he won the IV “Giovani talenti” International Guitar Competition which makes him perform in concert at the “International Festival of Guitar City of Fiuggi”.

He also participated in classical guitar master classes with Javier Garcia Moreno, Luis Quintero, Ernesto Tamayo, Pablo de La Cruz, Luciano Tortorelli etc.

In 2016 he took part in the master classes held by Oscar Ghiglia and Marcin Dylla on the occasion of the “Claudio Abbado Award” (Guitar section) held at the “Luigi Boccherini” Music Institute of Lucca. He won the first overall(absolute) prize in the 18th edition of the Mandanici Prize held in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto.

In July 2016 he graduated in Classical Guitar with the maximum of 10/10 votes under the guidance of Maestro Salvatore Zema, and in December he won the first overall prize in the XV edition of the “Pasquale Benintende” National Music Competition and the second award for the Città di Paola Young Musicians Competition.

He has performed concerts for the Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria and for the University of the Third Age of Reggio Calabria.

He was a guitar tutor at the Conservatory of Vibo Valentia “Fausto Torrefranca” in the class of Maestro Andrea De Vitis in ay. 2016/2017.

He has taught guitar at the Music Institute “Senocito” of Locri and frequently attends the III year of the preparatory course in composition under the guidance of Maestro Mario Guido Scappucci. They fall in his interests almost as much as music: the passion for theater and the passion for acting, which he has played since he was 13, of musicals, dramas and comedies; writing for theater, such as dramas and tragi-comedies, and writing and composing musical for the musical theatre and soundtrack for cinema; passion for the literary world and the writing of novels and poems as well as for theater; self study and reading of books about psychology, philosophy, directing, acting and finance, especially the part of finance related to self-finance and the trading world.

Dmitry Remezov

Oleg Krokhalev

Oleg Krokhalev (Russia) born in 1992 in Perm, finished Perm Musical College, where also studied composition. At the moment is a 4th year student of the Moscow Conservatory under prof. Vladimir Tarnopolski. Oleg took part in such project as SoTa (Stanislavsky Electrotheatre), “Introduction” (concert series of MCME), Underground and Improvisation (Academy of Arts, Berlin), Suedseite Nachts (Stuttgart). Pieces were performed by ensembles such as Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart, Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, Studio for New Music. As a coordinator participated in II, III, IV, V, IV Academies in Tchaikovsky City, where took part in master-classes of Klaus Lang, Mark Andre, Jean-Luc Herve, Antoine Beuger, Francesco Filidei, Phillippe Leroux, Beat Furrer, Peter Ablinger, Raphael Cendo, Fabien Levy, Carola Baukholt, Oscar Bianchi, Dmitry Kourliandsky and Sergej Newski.

Jug Marković

Jug Marković was born in Belgrade, Serbia. He is a graduate of Faculty of Music in Belgrade where he was thaught by Vlastimir Trajković and Zoran Erić. He was tutored multiple times by the British composer Michael Finnissy and attended lessons Enno Poppe, Georges Aperghis, Mark Andre, Fabien Levy, Richard Barrett, Stefano Gervasoni, Mauro Lanza etc.

He was performed in ISCM World Music Days, “Donaueschingen Festival”, “Festival d’Aix” and he collaborated with ensembles such as Ensemble Intercontemporain, Klangforum Wien, Divertimento Ensemble, Latvian Radio Choir, Chamber Choir Ireland, Gulbenkian Orchestra i.a. He was composer in residence at Snape Maltings and Gulbenkian Foundation
and also took part at Impuls Academy, Darmstadt Course, TENSO young composers workshop, Britten-Pears Program, Academy of Donaueschingen Musiktage, IDEA academy, ManiFeste etc.

Marković is the winner of ISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music) Young Composers Award 2019.

Victor Baez

Born in Mexico City, Víctor Báez obtained his Bachelor’s- and Master’s Degrees in Composition (both thesis with Honours) at the Conservatory of the City of Vienna and the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. After honing his craft in master classes with Brian Ferneyhough, Klaus Lang, Marco Stroppa, and others, he is a current doctoral candidate and Teaching Fellow at Manhattan School of Music.

A Fulbright Scholar, his awards include 6 consecutive yearly Composition Grants from the Austrian Ministry of Arts, Culture and Education, a START Grant for Young Artists from the Austrian government, and a Grant for Artistic Studies Abroad from the Mexican National Arts Fund (Fonca).

As an educator, he maintains an ongoing relationship as Visiting Professor with the Barenboim-Said Foundation in Ramallah, Palestine.

His music has been performed across North and South America and Europe, in festivals such as Klangspuren Schwaz, Komponisten Marathon Vienna, OME Phoenix, Crosstown Arts Memphis, and the International Forum for New Music in Mexico City, and it has been performed by numerous ensembles such as Yarn/Wire, Ekmeles, Contemporaneous, Blueshift, the Webern Symphony Orchestra, and others. His works are broadcasted regularly by the Mexican and Austrian radio (Ö1), and his film music has been heard by international audiences in film festivals across the globe.

Professionally, his main interest is to collaborate with musicians and other artists towards the realization of creative projects that will pose an interesting question or challenge – both to the artists and the audience involved.


Pro Helvetia

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