Sehyung Kim


Sehyung Kim was born in 1987 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Composition classes began at the age of sixteen under the guidance of Bakir Bayakhunov in Almaty Music College. P. I. Tchaikovsky. He studied at the Moscow State Conservatory. P. I. Tchaikovsky (2007-2012), class composition prof. Vladislav Agafonnikov; there he took individual classes with Dmitri Kourliandski and Yuri Kasparov. In 2013-2018 studied at the University of the Arts and Performing Arts in Graz (Austria), composition class by prof. Beat Furrer. From 2019 he is a master’s student in composition and musical theater under prof. Bernhard Lang at the same university in Graz.

Sehyung Kim has been awarded prizes at international competitions “DuoSolo” (USA, 2010), “Step to the left” (Russia, 2012), “de la ville de Boulogne-Billancourt” (France, 2014), winner of the composer competition under the aegis of the 10th international competition “Franz Schubert and the Modern Music” (Austria, 2017), the 7th Johann Joseph Fux opera composition competition (Austria, 2018).

Also he participated at the 45th and 47th international summer courses in Darmstadt (Germany, 2010 and 2014), the 2nd, 4th and 5th international academy of young composers in Tchaikovsky city (Russia, 2012, 2014, 2015, the 2nd Ukrainian Biennale for New Music (Ukrain, 2013).

In 2013 he was Composer-in-residence at GAM-Ensemble in Moscow. In 2013 he received a scholarship at the 11th International Ensemble and Composers Academy for Contemporary Music in Graz. In 2015 he received the music prize of the city of Graz “Musikförderungspreis der Stadt Graz”. He has received commissions from many projects and festivals such as “impuls”, “Internationale Musikbrücke und Kulturverein Österreich”, ORF, Jeunesse and others.

Among his performers are: Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, eNsemble (Russia), Nostri Temporis (Ukraine), dissonArt ensemble (Greece), Batida ensemble (Switzerland), Schallfeld ensemble (Austria), Klangforum Wien (Austria), EnsembleSpectrum (Slovakia) and others.


Sehyung Kim: Sijo_241015

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Sehyung Kim: Three Sijo

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Five Sijo_091114 (2014)
for bass flute, bass clarinet, piano, violin and cello

Ignition (2014)
for bass flute, bass clarinet, cello and double bass

Sam (삼) (2014)
for flute, piano, cello

Ee (이) (2014)
for monodic instrument and piano

Study #26 (2013)
for flute, clarinet, two bass clarinets, two pianos, accordion, two violins, two violas and cello

Five Pitches (2013)
for any five objects or instruments

Sijo_150913 (2013)
for bass clarinet, cello and piano

Godurae (2013)
for violin, viola, cello, double bass and opiano

In Memory of Georgy Dorokhov (2013)
for oboe, clarinet, horn, violin and piano

Khvilishchevsky (2012)
A text by Daniil Kharms
for narrator, flute, piano, percussion and cello

Two Children’s Pieces (Racing, March of the Wooden Solders) (2012)
for flute, clarinet, piano, violin and cello

Gigue (2012)
for clarinet, trumpet and piano

Sijo_290411 (2011)
for bass flute and double bass

Sanjo II (2010)
for violin and cello

Sanjo I (2010)
for alto saxophone and tenor saxophone

Gugak (2009)
for flute and piano