Celebration of 200 years of diplomatic relations between Russia and Switzerland
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Saint-Petersburg Contemporary Music Center “reMusik.org” presents a new project dedicated to contemporary Swiss music. The online portal contains a comprehensive collection of information and links about leading Swiss composers, musical organizations and contemporary Swiss musical events in Russia. The project is in a constant state of expansion and updating, as part of the reMusik.org Resource Center. The role of the project is to bring musicians and listeners of contemporary music the latest developments from the Switzerland music world.

The musical output of Switzerland lagged behind the rest the continent in the beginning of the 20th century, and the overall decline of compositional output was so serious that in postwar years, schools of composition had to be established anew. Yet, in this country the “classics” are alive and well, though most of them were written in the past century. The musical culture in Switzerland is now experiencing vigorous development free from deeply rooted European compositional traditions; for this reason reMusik.org find it especially interesting and relevant to acquaint St. Petersburg audiences with musicians from this country.

A number of concerts highlight the musical culture of Switzerland. reMusik festival is welcoming a wonderful ensembles from the country as its guests, and the works of Swiss composers will be performed by both Swiss and Russian groups. The year 2014 happens to mark the 200th anniversary of diplomatic relations between our countries, and this auspicious date is being celebrated through a great number of cultural events in Russia and Switzerland.


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