Hangzhou Contemporary Music Festival

2023 Hangzhou Contemporary Music Festival “Artinno Award” 2nd International Chamber Opera Composition Competition.

I. Aims
The International Chamber Opera Composition Competition, held jointly by Zhejiang Conservatory of Music’s Hangzhou Contemporary Music Festival and Artinno Town in Hangzhou’s Xihu District, aims to provide a professional platform for the composition and performance of original chamber operas, promote the development and prosperity of opera art, cultivate and inspire opera creative talents, and encourage the exploration and practice of original operas.

II. Organizations and Institutions
Presented by Zhejiang Conservatory of Music
Undertaken and collaborated by Hangzhou Contemporary Music Festival, Xihu District Artinno Town, Beijing Dahua City Centre for The Performing Arts, Universal Edition, Art Department of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, and Zhejiang Literature and Art Research and Creation Center
Supported by Construction and Research of Chinese Opera Discipline System Group

III. Eligibilities
1. The competition is open to composers of any age or nationality. Each entrant may submit only one work.
2. Entries must be original works (no limit for libretto’s language) composed by the entrant after 2020 that have not previously been published, awarded, or performed.
3. Instrumentation: for 4-7 instruments and 2-5 singers.
(Permitted set of instrumentation/voice type:1 flute, 1 clarinet, 1 piano, 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello/ soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, bass.)
4. Duration of the work should be approximately 25 minutes long.
5. The submitted score may not contain the composer’s name or any other identifying marks.

IV. Submission Materials
1. A scanned copy of an identification card or passport.
2. Full, parts, and piano rehearsal score.
3. A brief introduction of the work (circa 200 words)
4. Biography (Chinese or English, circa 200 words)

V. Application Deadline
All submission materials must be sent to hzcmf@zjcm.edu.cn in PDF format by August 1st, 2023.

VI. Competition and Judging Procedure
1. The competition consists of two stages: the preliminary and the final.
2. Preliminary: the jury (Frencessco Filidei, Gyula Fekete, Yi Liming, Mehdi Hosseini, Bumki Kim, Prangcharoen Narong, Alexander Khubeev, XU Ying, Zhong Juncheng) will initially select three works.
3. Final: The works of the three finalists will be premiered by Beijing Dahua City Performing Arts Center on October 14th, 2023, at 15:00 in the final concert of the 4th Hangzhou Contemporary Music Festival “Artinno Award” International Chamber Opera Composition Competition. The jury will determine the final ranking based on the performances.
4. Prizes:
1st Prize: 80000 RMB (pre-taxed)
2nd Prize: 50000 RMB (pre-taxed)
3rd Prize: 30000 RMB (pre-taxed)
5. The competition’s first prize composer will receive a year’s Professional Plus subscription to Universal Edition’s publishing tool Scodo (worth 600 euros), and the three winning pieces will be published by Universal Edition. (www.universaledition.com/scodo)
6. The organization’s sponsor will provide accommodations and festival passes for the duration of the five-day Hangzhou Contemporary Music Festival (The travel expenses will not be covered).

VII. Other provisions
1. The winners will reserve the copyright of their works. The author must have undisputed copyright. Any work that is deemed to be plagiarism or copyright disputes, shall be disqualified from participating in the election. If the author’s work is suspected of infringement and losses are caused, all legal liabilities shall be borne by the author.
2. The winners must grant the following rights to the competition organizer for three years, starting October 14, 2023.
A. The organizer reserves the right to compile the winning works’ scores, record them in audio and/or audiovisual form, and to publish and distribute the above-mentioned in print or in audio and/or audiovisual form without additional fees or royalties.
B. The organizer reserves the right to the premiere and subsequent performances of the winning works, as well as the priority of publication. No public performance is allowed prior to the performance by the organizer without the consent of the organizer.
3. All the winning works must be marked as “one of the winning entries of the 2023 Hangzhou Contemporary Music Festival—Artinno Award International Chamber Opera Composition Competition” on the score’s cover or in the concert program list whenever and wherever they are given a performance.
4. The interpretation of these rules shall fall within the exclusive competence of the organizing committee.


Universal Edition
Hangzhou Contemporary Music Festival Organizing Committee
Hangzhou Xihu District Artinno Town
Beijing Dahua City Centre for The Performing Arts