Novalis Festival – Competition 2022

Novalis Concept in Osijek (Croatia) encourages composers and performers of contemporary music with this open call.
Six international composers and three (3) international performers (clarinet, piano & violin) under the age of 35 will be selected. The composers will each write a new piece for the Novalis festival, and will have an honour to work with composer-mentors Pierre Jodlowski, Katharina Rosenberger, Johannes Kreidler and Davor Branimir Vincze. The performers (one clarinetist, one pianist and one violinist) will perform solo works of their choice, as well as trio works by three selected composers. They will have workshop with performer-mentors Barbara Lüneburg (violin), Mia Elezović (piano) and Szilard Benes (clarinet).

The remaining three new works will be distributed among other guest ensembles including Line Upon Line, Synchronous and the trio composed of the above mentioned performer-mentors. The composer attendees will receive one individual lesson with each composer-mentor, and their newly written works will be premiered during Novalis Festival. The performer attendees will have two individual and two group (trio) lessons with performer-mentors, as well as the opportunity to present themselves with solo work of their choice and three trio works by young composers in a ‘New Generations’ concert at Novalis Festival. The festival will take place in Osijek between 10 and 16 of October 2022.


Deadline 31 January 2022

Website novalisconcept.hr