The Walden School Creative Musicians Retreat – Electronic Music Program

A 9-day festival held on the stunning campus of the Dublin School in New Hampshire, The Creative Musicians Retreat is for composers, electronic musicians, improvisers, performers, choral musicians, and music teachers. This year’s retreat will be June 12-20, 2021.

A diverse group of participants at the Creative Musicians Retreat will gather for 9 days of music-making and will form a vibrant community. CMR offers classes, workshops, and lessons in a variety of electronic and electroacoustic music practices (as well as many other modes of music-making). Walden’s approach to electronic music focuses on creative work, collaboration, and an investigation into the creative potential of technology. In 2021, the electronic music program, directed by Alex Christie, will offer classes and/or workshops in at least three of the following subjects (taught by Alex Christie and other electronic music faculty):

Live-electronics and live-processing in Max
Photosonic Composition (composing with interactive light)
DIY analog circuit design
Musique Concrète
Improvising with electronics
Synthesis and live performance in VCV Rack

Walden faculty members include Alex Christie, Caroline Mallonee, D. J. Sparr, Renée Favand-See, Osnat Netzer and Loretta Notareschi.

The 2021 Composer-in-Residence, Marcos Balter, will be on campus all week, moderating three Composers Forums, conducting master classes, and giving private composition lessons.

The ensemble-in-residence will be the International Contemporary Ensemble.

For more information and to apply, please visit our website:

Application Deadlines

Spring Round: March 15, 2021

Final Round: May 1, 2021

More about electronic music at Walden: The Walden School has been at the cutting edge of electronic music composition, performance, and pedagogy for over two decades. Our foundational course Computer Musicianship introduces students to recording techniques, composing with digital audio workstations (DAWs), and the history and repertoire of musique concrète. Through creative projects, repertoire study, and discussions, students expand the ways in which they listen to sound, conceive of music, and situate themselves in the world around them.

Since the first Computer Musicianship class in 1998, the Walden School has expanded its electronic music curriculum to cover some of the most important and innovative fields in electronic music. Recent subjects include DIY circuit design, improvisation in Max and/or Supercollider, multi-media composition, beat-making and IDM, composing with sequencers, modular synthesis in VCV Rack, and more. Walden’s electronic music curriculum continues the goals of Computer Musicianship by emphasizing creative work and thoughtful listening as a means of expanding students’ awareness of the world, increasing their understanding of technology, and empowering them to discover their own creative voices. The classes we offer cover experience levels ranging from complete beginner to seasoned veteran.


Deadline 15 March 2021



March 15


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