Roadrunner Academy

Roadrunner Academy is an annual one-week event where young and upcoming composers get a chance to write for Roadrunner. Edition four will take place from the 20th-26th of february 2023, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

During daily workshops students get a chance to work with the ensemble and the composer in residence. Ideas can be shared with peers, one can try out new ideas and learn more about the instruments and different musical approaches.

The finalized pieces will be presented in a public concert at the end of the week in the Uilenburgersjoel, including a recording of the finalized work.


Roozendaal (Accordion), Marang (clarinet) & Pratsinakis (violoncello), each lauded in their own field, find common space in a project with doors and windows wide open.
The dynamic Roadrunner Trio plays, improvises, writes and has others write. Music that balances on the border of modern, classical and traditional music.
Started eight years ago as an experiment, the trio’s unique sound combination quickly turned out to be a bull’s eye and now the trio travels around the world, conquering audiences and a new generation of ambitious, young composers.

Edition 2023

This year we approach the academy differently than in previous editions. Roadrunner loves exploring folk music, improvise, and arrange existing music, and these elements distinguish us from other contemporary ensembles. To emphasize this, we would like to challenge the participants to include these elements in their scores, rather than focus on academic new music only.
There will be extra workshops around how to communicate your idea and turn it into a concrete musical passage without losing the connection to the performer and the instrument.

We suggest the following three starting points:
– Start from your own roots! This can be traditional music but also pop music.
– Include improvisation in your music, or any other way which involves more freedom than normal.
– It is also possible to start working from an existing work
– Notation can also be a lead sheet, or instructions otherwise. As long as you are clear in expressing what you want.


Deadline 1 December 2022



December 1


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