NSEME 2021

The 2021 NSEME (National Student Electronic Music Event), hosted by Ithaca College, NY is dedicated a topical exploration of the idea of space, and all the artistic interpretations that it creates. The current extended global pandemic has led to a worldwide focus on the topics of isolation, emptiness, and distance from people, places, and experiences, and subsequently caused a wave of artistic expression anchored in these ideas. The goal is to harness this common struggle and display the unique ways that musicians are expressing these feelings through music and installations. We believe the conference’s basis in a universally shared experience will make for a unifying, meaningful and effective event. We are planning a great event and are pleased to have Dr. Patricia Alessandrini from Stanford University and Dr. Anastasia Georgaki from the University of Athens, Greece as our keynote speakers.

The conference will take place from April 24-25th, 2021. Please visit our website at www.nseme2021.com/ to find information and instructions for applying.

NSEME is a floating organization with no official school, board or members. Each year, the event is hosted by a different school, and the next host is typically decided by the previous host.
Please Note: NSEME 2021 will be hosted entirely remote via Webinar.


Deadline 8 March 2021

Website nseme2021.com


March 8


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