Klangspuren Schwaz International Ensemble Modern Academy 2021

As this call for applications is being written, the COVID-19 situation still looks dismal, but the new vaccines give us good reason not to give up hope. The Frankfurt-based Ensemble Modern and Klangspuren Schwaz have therefore decided to conduct the annual summer academy in 2021, albeit under somewhat restricted conditions.

We are happy to welcome Adriana Hölszky as the Composer in Residence and Frank Gratkowski as the Improviser in Residence to this year’s Master Class led by Ensemble Modern (02 September to 13 September 2021). The IEMA is part of Klangspuren Schwaz – Tyrolean Festival of New Music, which will take place under the motto TRANSITIONS from 10 September to 26 September 2021.

The call for applications is aimed at young musicians of all nations who are close to finishing their studies and who are interested in taking on the special challenges of twentieth and twenty-first century music. In accordance with the main theme of the festival Klangspuren ’21 Transitions, the masterful Romanian-German composer Adriana Hölszky will rehearse a selection of remarkable contemporary compositions, among them her ,instrumental musical theatre‘ Tragödia, in collaboration with the tutors of the Ensemble Modern and the conductor Johannes Kalitzke. These works will be performed in four concerts during the festival (more details above). In addition to the regular master classes the academy offers an improvisation course with German clarinettist and saxophonist Frank Gratkowski.

All applicants must apply through the Klangspuren International Ensemble Modern Academy online system by 26 April 2021.

€ 420 (including: bed & breakfast, participation fees, transfers and meals on concert days). Should the IEMA have to be cancelled by the end of August due to the pandemic, any Academy fees already paid will be refunded to participants.


Deadline 26 April 2021

Website klangspuren.at


April 26


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