Composers/Conductors Workshop – III Edition

FontanaMIXensemble is pleased to present its 2023’s Composers/Conductors Workshop, whose objective is to encourage and enhance the professional figure of the composer/conductor, a role in which the conducting sensitivity is deeply intertwined with the composer’s intuition, in the same way as the research in writing enriches and gives meaning to the musical performance and interpretation.
With this unique workshop, FontanaMIXensemble aims to contribute to create a lively discussion in which young artists will have the possibility to work together with the ensemble’s musicians in a mutual exchange of creative experiences and professional growth.
Two composers/conductors will be selected to each write a new piece for the FontanaMIXensemble. One extra composer/conductor will be selected amongst the students of the Conservatory G.B. Martini of Bologna.
The workshop will take place from the 27th to the 29th October 2023. During these days, each selected composer/conductor will have the possibility to rehearse his/her own work and a piece from the contemporary music repertoire. A final concert with the three participants will take place at the end of the workshop. This concert will be part of the FontanaMIXensemble’s 2023 season. Participation to the workshop is free of charge. The ensemble will host the three selected applicants in Bologna during the workshop and concert. Travel expenses will be covered by the participants themselves.


Deadline 31 March 2023



March 31


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