Bluering-Improvisers Open Call

As for the 2021, BlueRing-Improvisers Cultural Association aims at focusing on creating collaborations between the Association and Italian and European artists from other cultural backgrounds; opening to methodological and artistic synergies with musicians who want to collaborate in the feld of musical research.

Over the years, BlueRing-Improvisers has explored the practices of ‘non-idiomatic’ improvisation and conduction, approaching increasingly to a conception of contemporary-extemporaneous music. This process has been realized through the study and the creation of graphic musical scores and by sharing experiences from visual and performative art, and it can be synthesized with the expression ‘Now Music’ coined by Blue-Ring collective (

BlueRing-Improvisers Cultural Association publishes this call for applications with the purpose of selecting up to 5 musicians, shaping an ensemble that will work on the creation of a discographic product through the formula of an artistic residency. This modus operandi has provided a creative and hectic setting for the study and the creation of various musical products.

This application is intended for individual musicians of all ages, education, and idiomatic backgrounds. Up to five (5) instrumentalists or singers will be selected to collaborate with musicians suggested by BlueRing-Improvisers. The knowledge backgrounds required to the candidate are:
•familiarity in the feld of improvisation;
•ability to read traditional and non-traditional notation (graphic scores, different notation systems …);
•good instrumental technique (intended as the ability to articulate one’s creative urgency through the development of a personal instrumental expression, not necessarily traditional).

To join the project the candidate must guarantee his/her presence for the entire duration of the residency since the submission of the application, otherwise the candidate will be excluded from the competition.

The residency will last seven days, from 24/05/21 to 30/05/21.

The aim of the project is to create an artistic research group that – thanks to the mutual exchange of musical and human knowledge and experiences among participants – will transcend the scope of production itself, creating an open, dynamic, and collective set.


Deadline 1 March 2021



March 1


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