Anonymous Sounds


Electronic music has brought about two major changes in the musical world that underpin this call for proposals :
> It makes any sound legitimate, whether recorded, captured, repurposed or created by machines
> It allows a single musician to bring to life and control this imagined sound world – most often the person who thought it up
For this call for proposals we have also imagined an anonymous presentation, so that no element other than the music can influence the jury.


Any electronic musical proposal, of any aesthetic (or none), provided that it is research music, produced without the use of any “traditional” instrument, is eligible.
The creation must be performable live by the person who imagined it.
Open to anyone in the above category, special attention will be paid to the research and/or development project with our Computer Music Director.


December : Launch of the call
5 January 2023 / 15 March 2023 : Opening of the call
5 January 2023 : Opening of the online application by requesting (with your anonymous email address) a link from Laurent Guidez (
15 March 2023 : Closing of the call at 12pm French time.
May 2023 : Jury meeting
June 2023 : Results
September to December 2023 : Residencies at Art Zoyd Studios
Number of selected projects : 1 or 2


1 order of copyrights for 1500 euros (all taxes included)
Travel expenses from the artist’s place of residence to Art Zoyd Studios for a maximum of 300 euros (all taxes included)
One week of hotel accommodation and meals in Valenciennes
Provision of the studio and of the Computer Music Director for 5 days
A fee of 500 euros (all taxes included) for the first performance


Deadline 15 March 2023



March 15


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