6 Improv Clinics for Composers and Performers – Domino Ensemble

6 Improvisation Clinics on February 27th

Register now for our first virtual improvisation workshop. The clinics will take place on February 27th between 10 AM – 6 PM EST via Zoom. Each session will be 1 hour long.

The presenters for the first edition will be offering a variety topics and approaches to improvisation (in alphabetical order).

Richard Barrett: “NEW INPUTS”. An exploration of ways in which improvisational practices from artistic disciplines such as visual art, theatre and dance can inform and inspire thinking and activity in freely improvised music, particularly in an educational context.

Oğuz Büyükberber: “Generating pitch content for improvisation”.

Valeria Mignaco: Ornaments in baroque music: introductory concepts

Tim Feeney: “Bringing the Outside In”.

Joo Won Park: “Electronic Music Ensemble Improvisation”.

Ed Sarath: “Improvisation, Soul and Cosmos”

Registration fee: $25 for ALL the sessions paid via PayPal to info@dominoensemble.com

Fill the Google Form to complete your registration: fb.me

For questions: please email Jorge Variego (Domino Ensemble Founding Director) info@dominoensemble.com

Thank you!

Jorge Variego
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Deadline 27 February 2021

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February 27


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