5th Composition Competition of the Christoph Delz Foundation

The Christoph Delz Foundation announces its 9th composition competition for a composition for vocal ensemble and electronics. The world premiere of the work awarded the Stiftung Christoph Delz prize will take place on November 24, 2024 in Zurich (Switzerland) with the Vokalensemble Zürich under the direction of Peter Siegwart as part of the SONIC MATTER Festival for experimental music.

To be submitted by September 22, 2023, a detailed project for one work. For vocal ensemble and electronics. In addition, two scores of works that may already have been performed must be included, including one work with/for vocal parts.

From the sum of entries, the jury will select three projects and commission them for elaboration. All three works will be premiered in November 2024 in Zurich (Switzerland) with the Vokalensemble Zürich as part of the SONIC MATTER Festival. Immediately following the premiere, the jury will select one of them and award it with the «Prize of the Christoph Delz Foundation». The two remaining works will also be honored. The first performance rights of the works remain with the authors. The Foundation reserves the right to use parts of the three finalist works in sound and writing for its public relations.

The prize money for the winning work is CHF 50,000 and is to be awarded undivided. The fees for the two remaining works are CHF 10,000 each.
The authors are free to choose the form in which they wish to submit the project. However, comments must be in German, English or French (possibly in translations). Electronic registration can be done via the homepage www.delz.ch under «Aktuell».

Vocal ensemble of 7 to a maximum of 12 voices, either choral or solo, or in an evenly distributed configuration (e.g. 2 sopranos, 2 mezzo-sopranos, 2 altos, 2 tenors 2 baritones, 2 basses), or in an individual selection, with no more than six voices (soprano, mezzo-soprano) or five voices (alto, tenor, baritone) or four voices (bass).

The work may additionally use feeding or live electronics. The technical complexity must be detailed in the project. If electronics are included, at least one of the two additional scores submitted must use electronics. Candidates must be able to create
electronics largely on their own.

In addition, there is the opportunity to apply for a one to three weeks residency at the Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology (ICST) of the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) as part of the project submission.

Part of the competition is a reading rehearsal, where around February 15, 2024, the three finalists’ works in progress will be rehearsed with conductor, ensemble, and electronics. The exact date will be announced as soon as possible on the homepage of the Christoph Delz Foundation.

Composers of any nationality who were not born before January 1, 1984 are eligible to participate.

Deadline for the project and the 2 scores:
September 22, 2023 (date of postmark) to the address:
The Christoph Delz Foundation
General Guisan Street 51
CH-4054 Basel, Switzerland

Deadline for judging the projects: September 30, 2023.
Submission of the three works commissioned by the jury: August 31, 2024.
World premieres, final judging and award ceremony: November 24, 2024 in Zurich.

The project is to be sent in 3 copies, the two scores in only one copy.
Name, address and a curriculum vitae must also be enclosed.

The performance material of the prize-winning work must be sent to the Stiftung Christoph Delz by August 31, 2024.
The Christoph Delz Foundation will provide a maximum of CHF 4,000 each for the actual and documented costs of producing the listed works, for which the authors or their publishers are responsible.

This covers the rental fees for the premiere. However, the royalties for the premiere and any transfers are due to the author and, if applicable, their respective publishers in the usual manner.

Participation in the competition implies acceptance of these provisions. There is no right of appeal, especially against the decisions of the jury.

Jury: Lisa Streich, Katharina Rosenberger; Björn Gottstein, Peter Siegwart, Germán Toro Perez;
Prize money: CHF 50,000; fee for non-awarded finalist works: CHF 10,000;
Deadline: September 22, 2023; judging: September 30, 2023; reading rehearsal: February
2024; Submission: August 31, 2024; First performances, final judging and award
ceremony: November 24, 2024 in Zurich

Address: Christoph Delz Foundation, General Guisan-Strasse 51, CH-4054 Basel,
Switzerland; Contact: kontakt@delz.ch


Deadline 22 September 2023

Website delz.ch


September 22