Académie Voix Nouvelles 2021

The Voix Nouvelles Academy is open to composers and performers wishing to hone their skills in the interpretation of the contemporary repertory and presents a rare opportunity to progress under the guidance of world-famous composers and performers.

For composers, it recreates the complete process of creation of a new work, in professional conditions: commission, composition, rehearsals, concert, under the supervision of internationally renowned tutors belonging to different aesthetics. It calls on the leading ensembles to rehearse and perform the works and to advise and interact with the composers, taking an active part in the elaboration of the work. The academy also gives the opportunity of composing and getting to a better knowledge of specific instruments, like this year, the shô, the accordeon, the organ, the contrabass flute.

In its duration and its exceptional working conditions, the academy constitutes a unique forum for exchanges between composers, performers and thinkers. Several specialists in the domains of management, musical production economics, author rights, the record industry, radio and journalism will also be invited.

For its 2021 edition, the Royaumont Festival will be placed under the idea of the american counter-culture. Some composers will be invited to get inspiration from the PInk Floyd’s concert at Royaumont in 1971.


Deadline 10 January 2021

Website royaumont.com