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OpenCalls – a new project of the reMusik.org Resource Center

OpenCalls is a new web project of the reMusik.org Resource Center aimed at finding and highlighting current information about upcoming composers’ competitions, academies, workshops, residencies, and grants around the world in a convenient and modern format.

The OpenCalls project offers an intuitive interface and a functional calendar of deadlines with the possibility to export it in the *.ics format (iCal) as well as to integrate it into a personal calendar in a web browser, a mobile phone, and other devices, regardless of the operating system used; the interface has a lot of filtering options which makes it easy and fast to find the necessary information.

Organizers, contemporary music ensembles, curators, cultural agents and institutions have the opportunity to publish their announcements, results of competitions, grants awarded, and other information directly by simply filling out an online publication form.

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