Organum Novum

The Saint Petersburg Contemporary Music Center “” presents a new project «Organum Novum» that will take place from February 3rd to 4th, 2020. Organum Novum is a new platform for the realization of different projects in the field of contemporary organ music with the aim of introducing organ music to a wider audience.

Organum Novum is an innovative project in Russia. The project provides an opportunity to learn more about the extended organ techniques, as well as the latest developments in organ music, and to compare them by interacting with mass media and those art critics who focus on contemporary musical genres. A similar opportunity is provided by the project’s educational mission (through lectures, masterclasses, and workshops). The educational program will give different musicians, composers, critics, and other specialists a chance to share their experience and upgrade their skills in the field of contemporary sound art.

Organum Novum events will take place in distinguished venues around the city, including the Mariinsky Theatre Concert Hall, the Saint Catherine Church (Vasilievsky Island), Saint Mary’s Finnish Church (Finnish Lutheran Cathedral) and Petrekirche (German Lutheran Cathedral of St. Anne and St. Peter).

The project is supported by the Government of St Petersburg, the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and Polish Institute in St. Petersburg.

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