Remix Sound Personality

Remix Sound Personality

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Remix Sound Personality (Russia)


The program:

Jiwon SEO (*1993)
Eon 3m,oq (Russian Premiere, 2020)
for soprano and tape

Jerry Yue ZHUO (*1993)
Name It (Premiere, 2020)
for soprano and snare drum

Alessandro PERINI (1983*)
Three studies for two voices (Russian Premiere, 2017)
for two performers and embedded electronics

Gary BERGER (*1967)
doppelte Wendung (Russian Premiere, 2000)
for voice, percussion and live-electronics



Olga Vlasova, voice
Dmitry Vlasik, percussion
Nikolay Popov, electronics

Olga Vlasova

© Natalia Gunchenko

Born in 1988 in Moscow, she graduated from Moscow conservatory majoring in choral conducting along with a graduate assistantship at the department of contemporary choral performance. She held the Scelsi Foundation International Michiko Hirayama Scholarship in contemporary vocal performance (Rome, 2018-19)She received a diploma at the First International Boris Tevlin Choral Conducting Competition (Moscow, 2014) International Golden Section Vocal competition, laureate (Moscow, 2015). She has taken part in courses and masterclasses on performing contemporary music.

Head of Music in the Praktika theatre and Praktika vocal/instrumental ensemble. Head and member of interACTive vocal ensemble. An instructor in GnesinContemporaryMusicWeek laboratory (Moscow, 2018-19). As a solo singer, she has collaborated with the Labyrinthus medieval music ensemble, Studio of New Music ensemble and Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble.

Musical director of the plays Grandfather Frost the Red Nose, Skidding (Zanos), The Norm in the Praktika theatre. Choirmaster and conductor in A.Sokolovich’s opera The Wedding, the choirmaster in A.Syumak’s Cantos opera at Perm Opera and Ballet theatre. Musical director and conductor of the first part of the choral opera Sverliytsy (composed by Dmitry Kurliandski).

Dmitry Vlasik

Dmitry Vlasik was born in 1981 in Moscow. He graduated from the Moscow conservatory, Department for the Art of Performance on Historical and Contemporary Instruments in 2008. He took part in the Second International Mark Pekarsky Percussive Days festival in Moscow, International Roslavets and Gabo festival of contemporary art in Bryansk, festivals in Lipetsk, Krasnodar and other Russian cities. A long-time collaborator of Moscow Autumn contemporary music festival and Vozvrastcheniye chamber music festival in Moscow. He is a member of the Mark Pekarsky ensemble, Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, the Madrigal ensemble and others

Dmitry Vlasik is known as a popularizer of contemporary classical music, composer, creator of sonic art performances and theatre music. He has premiered a number of works for percussion (and works featuring percussion) by S.Sciarrino, C.Cardew, B.Ferneyhough, P.Billone, I.Xenakis, G.Zinsstag, K.Lang and others. As a composer, he has collaborated with well-known directors and playwrights – A.Stadnikov, E.Gremina, D.Volkostrelov, A.Moguchiy, K.Serebrennikov, M.Gatsalov.

Nikolay Popov

Nikolay Popov  (born on August 30, 1986 in Belebey of Republic of Bashkortostan) is a composer, pedagogue, and researcher. He graduated from the Ufa College of Music specializing in accordion and composition. He continued his studies in the Moscow Conservatory with a major in composing, after which he took postgraduate studies.

Winner of such Russian and international contests as Schnittke Open Russian Contest of Russian Composers (2007); Vladislav Zolotaryev International Composers Competition (New York, 2008); Dmitry Shostakovich Open Russian Composers Competition II (St.Petersburg, 2008); The International Antonín  Dvořák Composers Competition (Prague, 2010), etc.

Nikolay is the author of a number of chamber, symphonic, electroacoustic, and multimedia compositions, as well as music for theatre and cinema. He closely collaborates with video artists such as Andrew Quinn (Italy), Todor Pozarev (Serbia), Irina Matinyan (Russia), etc.

His compositions were performed in Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Norway, Portugal, USA, the Czech Republic, at such festivals as Moscow Autumn, The Other Space, Percussive Days of Mark Pekarsky, Exposition XXI, Opus 52, Europe-Asia, The New-Age Music of Milan Conservatory, Venice Biennale, Rudolph Nuriev International Classical Ballet Festival, the EMUfest festival of electroacoustic music etc.

One of the positive aspects of representing art through online streaming is the opportunity to create small-scale events and programmes without worrying about audience numbers. The speed of information consumption via the Internet and other mass media directly impacts our perception of reality – physical, virtual, augmented – and imbues it with an affect, which in the context of this event, it is obviously a positive one.

The programme is just four chamber works, the material of which is focused on how voice, percussion and electronics interact and integrate via feedback. A trio from Moscow featuring Olga Vlasova (voice), Dmitry Vlasik (percussion) and Nikolay Popov (electronics) will present their (auditory) vision of the approach to forming a syntax between the acoustic, physiological and electroacoustic instrumentation.

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