GAME: the Beginning

Label reMusik.org is pleased to announce the release with new compositions performed by GAMEnsemble.

It is truly surprising: GAMEnsemble (Gallery of Actual Music Ensemble) has released its first CD only now, in 2018. It is surprising because GAMEnsemble is a music group with established professional reputation, widely known and respected, invariably sought-out and known for long as one of the best interpreters of foreign and Russian music of the XX-XXI centuries. For prestigious festivals of new music, museums, concert halls, international organizations, conservatoires and centres of modern art it is an honour to invite this ensemble. The music group has successfully toured the largest cities of the country and presented its performances to half of Europe. The group gives birth to original projects, performing numerous premiere opuses, impressing the spectators with variety of performed compositional styles and manners.

The diversity of creative strategy of GAMEnsemble is self-evident. This includes postmodernist fusion, postmodernist urge to combine, often within one concert, the purity of solo tradition, the academicism of the chamber genre, the exactness of ensemble performance with paradoxicality of performances, conceptual еpatage, freedom of improvisation, specific musical commenting on popular films and animations, unpredictability of the instrumental theatre. This involves discovery of new composers, when creative plans and opportunities of young Russian authors are realized owing to GAMEnsemble to a great extent. It is no coincidence that GAMEnsemble was the first in the country to introduce the practice of annual invitation of resident composers — those who are in for successful future, who break new ground and are in search of fresh musical solutions. This involves as well the heightened interest in performing of what has just been created, here and now — this explains the accentuation of current music in the name of the ensemble. The ensemble is distinguished by the invariable urge for multimedia synthesis, the confluence of different kinds (genres) of arts, the intersection of different and opposite things, sometimes incompatible and unimaginable, in a single space. And much more… But still, for me, GAMEnsemble is, first and foremost, a populariser and extensionist of new music. More often — of difficult, controversial music requiring considerable emotional and intellectual effort, complicated for listening and originally seeming vague or strange. Less often — easily accepted, comprehended and welcomed. It is probably for that reason that GAMEnsemble is one of those infrequent groups that regularly apply and introduce in their performances the practice of lecturers’ or authors’ comments, turning a concert into an exciting and intriguing history of the new music.

As the composer Sergey Pavlenko once said: “Every concert of GAMEnsemble is either an Event or a Phenomenon”. So it is up to you to decide whether the first GAMEnsemble’s CD is an Event or a Phenomenon.

Music expert, Doctor of Art – Rauf Farhadov