Wizarding School for Composers: Spring 2022 Session


Learn how to give your audience goosebumps — without giving yourself a headache.

Now enrolling its third session, the Wizarding School for Composers is a transformative, live online program for composers of all skill levels who are creatively or technically stuck and want to take their music to the next level.

DATES: MARCH 8-JUNE 17, 2022

Over the course of four months, you will

See one or more original projects through to completion
Learn a comprehensive set of craft, process, and analysis tools that will help you write with confidence at a professional level
Identify and document your best creative practices that will help you replace anxiety, second-guessing and procrastination with ease and fluency
The basic package for this transformative experience includes:

12 Workshops + assignments (2 hours each)
12 Partimenti sessions (1 hour each)
11 Group office hours (2 hours each)
4 Score study sessions (2 hours each)
1 One-on-one goal setting call (30 minutes)
Weekly accountability partners and private Facebook community
For those who want a more personalized experience, the VIP package adds:

Monthly private lessons (1 hour each, 4 total)
Two personalized strategy sessions (1 hour each), typically
“Total Creative Process Makeover”: We’ll design creative process solutions that remove all barriers to your composing progress.
“The Personal Career Success Spell Book”: We’ll craft a personal action plan to help you get more performances and commissions.
Need something else? You’re the VIP! We can cover any topic in these sessions that meets your interests and needs.
For those who want the ultimate Wizarding School experience, the Premier package adds:

Your completed piece* recorded by professional musicians, including
Score and part prep
Mixing and mastering
1 year of distribution on all the major music streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music, etc.
Premier tuition covers* recording approximately 12-15’ of music for small ensemble or choir or 4-6’ for chamber orchestra
Pieces will be recorded in summer 2022 to allow sufficient time to write and revise them
*Longer pieces or those for larger ensembles may cost extra
TUITION: Premier: $7997; VIP: $4997; Basic: $2997

Program acceptance by (free) application only. Those even somewhat interested are encouraged to sign up for a FREE “Sorting Hat” consultation call — essentially a no-strings attached mini composition lesson.

For more details and for your FREE “Sorting Hat” call, please visit https://josephsowa.com/composingmagic/


Deadline 8 March 2022

Website josephsowa.com


March 8


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