Visiting Professor of Composition: University at Buffalo

The Department of Music at the University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, invites applications from composers for the position of Visiting Professor (open rank) beginning in January 2023. The ideal candidate will have a PhD in composition by the time of appointment, and be a highly visible and active composer with an impressive record of creative accomplishment in the field.

The department maintains a significant research focus in contemporary music composition. Central to this research mission is the department’s Center for 21st Century Music and the annual June in Buffalo festival which sponsors creative activity including guest ensembles and performers, student composer readings, and guest composer visits throughout the academic year and during the first full week of June.

The position is for a two-year term while the department commences a search for a tenure-track faculty member in composition.

The position carries a 2-2 teaching load inclusive of a mix of graduate composition studio lessons, a graduate composition seminar, and related seminar courses in areas of interest to the candidate and graduate student cohort. The candidate would be expected to maintain their creative profile and advise PhD in composition students as they work towards completion of their dissertation and degree. The mix of courses taught by the candidate will be discussed with the Chair and be agreed to in advance of each semester. The Chair maintains final approval over all faculty course assignments.

Additional service to the department could include advising the Center for 21st Century Music’s Artistic Director on potential guest visits and June in Buffalo faculty and guest artist participation in advance of the June 2024 festival edition.


Deadline 7 November 2022



November 7


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