SEED 2021: Virtual Composition Academy

As we live in this globalized society, we are presented with more opportunities to compose for non-European instruments into the context of contemporary music. However, understanding the historical and cultural background, as well as studying the instrumentation and performance techniques of those instruments are attended by many obstacles, one of which is the lack of resources. SEED 2021: Virtual Composition Academy welcomes ten composers from around the world to compose for non-European instruments under the guidance of renowned mentors.

The first academy focuses on two mouth-organs from East Asia, sheng from China, and shō from Japan. We invite three renowned musicians, Mayumi Miyata, Remi Miura, and Wu Wei, as our guest mentors. During the Virtual Academy, participating students compose a new work for one of the two instruments, while attending online lectures, workshops, and one-on-one composition lessons by our guest musicians and composition mentors JunYi Chow and Chatori Shimizu. The academy will be conducted in English.

At the academy, five students will be assigned to compose for shō, and the other five students will be assigned to compose for sheng. The students are to compose a solo work with a duration of no longer than 5 minutes. The student works will be rehearsed and professionally recorded in a studio at the end of the academy.


Mayumi Miyata, shō performer (Japan)
Remi Miura, shō performer (Japan)
Wu Wei, sheng performer (Germany)

JunYi Chow, composer (Malaysia/US)
Chatori Shimizu, composer (Japan)


All composers, regardless of age, gender, race, or past experiences in non-orchestral composition are encouraged to apply.

Upload and complete the application through the following link:_ by 11:59pm (EST) on March 15, 2021. All documents received after the deadline will not be considered. The documents, scores, and audio files listed below must be in uploaded, using the file name [LASTNAME]_[First Name]_[Title] (e.g. CAGE_John_4’33”) for scores and audio files:

– CV (PDF)
– Three recent scores (PDF) with audio recordings (mp3 only, no MIDI realization)


PROJECT SEED 2021: Virtual Composition Academy is generously funded by Asian Cultural Council Japan, and participation cost is FREE. There will be NO application fee or participation fee whatsoever.

The proposed schedule of SEED 2021: Virtual Composition Academy will run from April to September. This will consist of a total of six lectures, two reading sessions, two individual composition lessons, and two open rehearsals. Since the participating composers are chosen through a rigorous screening, all selected participants are to participate in all lectures and workshops to the best of their abilities.

We envision participants around the world, therefore we take into consideration all participants’ time-zones as much as possible. However, in some circumstances, there are possibilities of lessons or lectures being scheduled in early morning/late evening in your time-zone.

For any questions or concerns, direct your inquiry via email to


Deadline 15 March 2021



March 15


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