II Level Master Course in Composition

Conservatorio “G. Verdi” of Milan organizes, 2021, March – October, the second edition of the II Level Master course in Composition, in collaboration with the Syntax Ensemble from Milan. The formulation will be similar to that adopted in the academic year 2018 – 19, but with different guest composers and professors.
Conservatorio “G. Verdi” of Milan presents this proposal in order to internationally relaunch again the pivotal role that the Institution had in the immediate post-war period.

The aim of the II Level Master in Composition is to allow young composers to work side by side throughout the academic year with five of the most important composers on the European and world scenes. At the same time the Master allows young composers to work with a young ensemble made up of internationally renowned musicians. In addition, the Master will provide courses in analysis, semiography, electronic music etc., taught by professors of the Conservatorio, as well as collaborations with external ensembles and orchestras.

The guest composers are (listed in order of attendance during the Master):
Klaus Lang – George Benjamin – Marco Stroppa – Unsuk Chin – Alberto Posadas


2021, March 22nd – 26th: M° Klaus Lang
2021, April 21st – 24th: M° George Benjamin
2021, May 10th – 14th: M° Marco Stroppa
2021, June 29th – July 3rd: M° Unsuk Chin
2021, October 11th – 15th: M° Alberto Posadas

Please note: in order to facilitate the attendance, in addition to the activities with the five guest composers, the side formative activities will be preferably scheduled in the days close to those of the main core.
The II Level Master course in Composition is open to musicians who are in possession of a II Level Academic Diploma (or Old Older Diploma) in Composition, issued by an Italian Conservatory or State-recognized Institute, or in possession of other equivalent qualification in Composition issued abroad and recognized as suitable under current legislation.

In case of impossibility to carry out in the scheduled period one or more session of the Master on health grounds, it will be rescheduled within 2021, October 31st. If this option proves impossible, distance teaching will be adopted.
Students who will achieve the academic qualification within the enrollment are welcome to the application, provided that the required qualification is in any case achieved at the time of enrollment, and in any case before the start of the Master.
In case of availability of places, attendance at the Master may be admitted with reserve, provided that the qualification required for access is achieved within the duration of the Master.
Academic qualifications obtained abroad will be evaluated by the Course Council.

Duration and Structure of the Master:

The core of the Master are the five sessions with the five guest composers. Each session will be six-days long; in addition, in each session there will be a concert by Syntax Ensemble performing works by the guest composer and by two or three effective students. In every session there will be side formative activities (please note the following curriculum).
The precise schedule of each session will be announced upon registration; side formative activities will be preferably scheduled in the days close to those of the main core.
The Master includes 363 hours of teaching activities and a total of 60 CFAs; compulsory attendance is required for at least 70% of the lessons.
Formative activities (please note the following curriculum) include individual and collective lessons by the five guest composers, a masterclass for each of them, analysis on contemporary repertoire lessons (taught by professors Manca, Rimoldi, Piacentini), Semiography in contemporary music (professors Garuti, Tortiglione), Electronic music (professor Vigani), participation in the Workshop for Contemporary music (professor Bonifacio) and another workshop of your own choice provided by Conservatorio “G. Verdi”, participation in a formative session with Divertimento Ensemble of Milan and Syntax Ensemble.
The Academic qualification will be awarded with a grade resulting from the 4 planned exams (see curriculum), plus the evaluation given by the final exam.

How to apply:

The application form must be sent – within 2021, January 31st – following the indications in:
www.consmilano.it .
The number of available places is 12.

Applicants have to upload on the platform “SIA” in “Documenti da allegare alla domanda/Altri documenti”, following the application guidelines, two scores of own recent compositions, of which at least one for ensemble between 5 and 8 instruments (including a possible soloist, vocal or instrumental).
The entrance exam concerning the sent scores will take place on 2021, February 15th.

A Commission, formed by the Course Council of the Master and by the Director of the Conservatory or his delegate, will choose at its sole discretion the admitted students and possible candidates admitted conditionally.

Final Exam:

The final exam will be structured in two parts.
1) At the end of the session in which the student’s piece will be performed, the guest composer of that session will have to evaluate the student’s managing of the rehearsal, his managing of the sound blend of the ensemble.
2) At the end of the Master, in front of a commission formed by the Course Council and the Director or his delegate, each of the students will have to present their piece(s), discuss their compositional techniques, thinking and aesthetics.

Tuition Fee:

The tuition fee is € 4,500.00, of which: € 1,500.00 to be paid upon enrollment, € 1,500.00 to be paid by April 2021 and € 1,500.00 to be paid within the month of June 2021.
All students regularly enrolled at the Milan Conservatory can attend as observers, upon payment of an all-inclusive registration fee of € 100.00.
For external observers there is a registration fee of € 200.00 for each of the weekly session; they will be able to attend each lesson, individual and collective, and the ensemble rehearsals.


For any info, please check the official website www.consmilano.it
Or write an email to master@consmilano.it and/or to carmen.fizzarotti@studenti.consmilano.it
For any info concerning compositional aspects, please email alessandro.solbiati@consmilano.it or gabriele.manca@consmilano.it.


Deadline 31 January 2021

Website www.consmilano.it


January 31


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