Golden Key Festival

To apply for entry into the 2022 competition:
1. Email to the composer’s full name, age on January 1, 2022; email and mail addresses, contact phone number.
2. Attach the composition(s) score and, if you wish, any text regarding the composition.
3. Enclose a brief (up to 200 words) composer’s biography. Although it’s not required, you can include the entire URL (clickable link) to the recorded and upload on Youtube or similar public site the piano composition’s audio or video performance. Or you are welcome to email the recording in MP3 format. A composition for an ensemble of instruments should be accompanied by its recording.
4. The relevant Application Fee could be sent to us electronically via Zelle or PayPal (our ID is or via direct deposit to our bank account. If you have any questions regarding to the registration procedure, please use our email.
We must receive the entry by December 1, 2021.
Application Fees
The application fees are as follows:
• National (must be resident of the United States): $85 for each person/entry of a composition
• International: $110 for each person/entry of a composition
• Combined (submitted simultaneously to the Competition in both the National and International Divisions: $195.
If a composer is submitting more than one composition, a separate fee for each composition is required.
NOTE: All fees are non-refundable.
Composition Requirements
The following composition requirements must be met or the application may be disqualified.
• A composition must have a title.
• A composition may be in any style and should be originally written for a piano or a piano in ensemble with up to three other instruments or voices as long as piano would be the leading, not just an accompanying, instrument. Compositions for prepared piano are not permitted.
• The performance time of the composition must be no longer than seven minutes. For the composition which is longer than seven but less than fifteen minutes double application fee is required. We do not accept the composition which is longer than fifteen minutes in performing time.
• The composition manuscript must be a fully realized score, completely notated by the composer. We do not accept composition which requires improvising performing style.
• The manuscript must be in the form of a computer printout or handwritten.
• No change may be made to the manuscript once it has been submitted.
• A composition that includes copyrighted text must be accompanied by a written statement from the copyright holder giving permission to use the text. If the text is in the public domain, a statement signed by the teacher and student indicating this fact must accompany the entry.

Manuscript(s) of the composition(s) will not be returned to the contestant.
World Composers’ Recital & Diplomas
The winners of the Piano Composition Competition are welcome to perform their pieces and to receive their diplomas and commemorative medals on stage of the luxury concert hall in Vienna at the World Composers’ Recital as part of the Golden Key Music Festival of Vienna. Information about the Vienna Festival and Vienna Tour, including day trips to Salzburg, Eisenstadt, and the Vienna Woods is available elsewhere on this site.
If a winner is not able to participate in the Golden Key Music Festival in Vienna, he/she may request a professional pianist to present the composition in the New World Composers’ Recital for an extra fee. The winner also may request the Diploma by mail. All inquiries, please, send to:
Diplomas that are not accepted at the Vienna Festival will be mailed via USPS First Class for free of charge. If you wish to have your Diploma sent by Certified Mail, FedEx, or some other guaranteed delivery service, please send to our office an additional $45 for Diplomas sent within the US or $75 for Diplomas sent outside the US.
Performance and special delivery fees are payable to the Golden Key Music Festival by March 1, 2022


Deadline 1 December 2021



December 1


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