Call For Submission: Online Composition Course

The Saint Petersburg Contemporary Music Center «», under the artistic direction of the composer Mehdi Hosseini, announces that the 9th St. Petersburg International New Music Festival is taking place from May 23rd — June 7th, 2022. The Festival is a point of intersection where diverse artistic views, ideas, and interpretations of contemporary composers are meeting at a crossroad of musical paths that have emerged in the past few years.

It is therefore’s mission to bring people from around the world together, – to learn, to collaborate, and to share their skills, knowledge, and learning. Unfortunately the past month’s development in Ukraine has filled many around the globe with increasing concern and consternation. It is’s continued aim to show the world that despite the tragic situation like in the Ukraine and elsewhere, we can and will create a better world community through the universality of music like the staging of this year’s music festival that aligned with the composers course. reorganized the contemporary music course for composers, so to make it possible for them to participate in an online fashion. We are looking forward to serve our music community now and in the future in a creative, constructive, and caring environment.

Within the framework of the 2022 festival, which will be held during the two weeks of the festival, offers Composition Courses for the fourth year in a row. This educational project is curated by the composer Alexander Khubeev. The creative composing labs are an exciting opportunity for young and emerging composers from around all the world. Composers will be selected through a portfolio application process to meet and work with honoured composers and internationally-acclaimed ensembles invited to this year’s festival.
During the two weeks of courses, participants will enjoy individual lessons with the three different tutors. Additionally, participants are also welcome to attend other lessons and workshops to learn and observe from different course teachers, when time allows. Course participants will also be able to discuss the composition and execution aspects of his/her work with the course teachers and the ensemble’s directors or individual instrumentalists.

The festival will take place at distinguished venues around the city, which includes the Mariinsky Theater Concert Hall, the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater, the St. Petersburg State Philharmonia, St. Petersburg Radio House, Masterskaya M. K. Anikushina, St. John’s Church Jaani Kirik, Sound Museum, St. Petersburg State Conservatory, and others.

Internationally-renowned musical collectives and soloists will be performing, such as Studio for New Music Ensemble, Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, Vacuum string quartet, St. Petersburg Improvisers Orchestra, Ulrike Brand, Dmitry Shubin, Yulia Migunova, Mikhail Krutik, Vyacheslav Gayvoronsky, Serafima Verkholat and many more. Instead of relying on the form of traditional concerts, we will be offering master classes, pre-concert talks, scientific conferences, forums, presentations, educational lectures, and a variety of workshops.


The program will run from May 23rd — June 7th, 2022.


Early application is highly encouraged. Early sent applications with all included information will be viewed, and assessed prior to the application due date. As a result, an application may be approved by the jury before the actual deadline. The applicant, if approved, will then be informed within a few days of his/her acceptance.

● Group A: 27 April 2022
● Group B: 1 May 2022
● Group C: 10 May 2022
● Free auditors: 10 May 2022


Dmitri Kourliandski (Russia), Michael Pelzel (Switzerland), Vladimir Rannev (Russia), Vladimir Tarnopolski (Russia), Francesca Verunelli (Italy) and Deqing Wen (China).


All composers age 18 and over


Group A: €750
Group B: €550
Group C: €360
Free auditors: free


Deadline 27 April 2022



April 27


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