Ivan Abramov


Ivan Abramov was born in St. Petersburg in 1991. He currently studies composition in the Rimski-Korsakov St. Petersburg State Conservatory with prof. Sergei Slonimsky. Before it he studied at the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics in the Saint Petersburg State University.

He is a member of the Russian Composer Union, young section MolOt since 2013. Participant of the International Festival of Arts “From the Avant-garde to the Present day” in 2014.

He is an author of the incidental music to the #MotherFatherSistersBrother – spectacle based on the Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov, and music to the Обморок говорящего субъекта (Fainting of Speaking Subject) – spectacle in frame of the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre’s Laboratory, both spectacles directed by Sergei Larionov (2015).



Gone (2017)
for five performers

Dancing with Epicurus (2016)
for two flutes, marimba, harpsichord and string quintet

Tutti Cantavano (2013)
for flute, violin, cello and piano

Four scenes (2012)
for accordion, violin and viola

Die Reise II (2015)
for violin and organ

Die Reise (2014)
for violin and organ

La musica in la (2014)
for piano duo

Luoravetlana (2016)
for mixed choir

And the light will go blind (2014)
for mixed choir. Words by Alexandra Tsibulya

The Hanging Garden. Media-hypnosis session (2016)
the installation in collaboration with Yaroslava Zakharova

Fainting of Speaking Subject (2015)
scene incidental music

#MotherFatherSistersBrother (2015)
scene incidental music