Basel Composition Competition

The ‘Basel Composition Competition’ (BCC) is an international event held biennially in collaboration with the Paul Sacher Foundation in Basel to give recognition to works for chamber and symphony orchestra. Following the success of the three events in February 2017 and 2019 and March 2021, a fourth Competition is to be held from 8 to 12 February 2023 under the directorship of Jury President Michael Jarrell.

The “Basel Composition Competition” was created in honour of Paul Sacher, inviting musicians of all ages and nationalities to bring their works to Basel for their world premiere. Three of these works will be selected through a careful process during the period of 8-12 February 2023 and will then be awarded monetary prizes at the closing ceremony.

The Competition is open to all living composers, with no limitation as to age or nationality, with the exception of previous BCC award-winners.

The laureate composers shall receive the following awards:
First Prize: CHF 60,000
Second Prize: CHF 25,000
Third Prize: CHF 10,000

The Jury is entitled to withhold any or all the prizes.

The compositions will be performed during the Competition concerts by Kammerorchester Basel, Sinfonieorchester Basel or the Basel Sinfonietta. The composer agrees that the payment referred to in Section 3.2 legally entitles the organisers of the BCC to have the work premiered at the Competition concert. Provided the composer has registered the work with SUISA (Swiss Cooperative Society for Music Authors and Publishers) or another national copyright organization, the latter shall be responsible for collecting performance rights in relation to any additional performances of the work in Switzerland (including, potentially, at the final concert on 12 February 2023). Nominees are asked to supply a description of the work for the
evening programme, which should also be recited live by the composers as an introduction to their works.


Deadline 10 October 2022