The Danish New Music Academy

The Danish New Music Academy is a 5-day music creation residential course for musicians and composers. The course will be held 1st-5th July 2022 in Aarhus

If you are a musician and/or composer above the age of 18, you can apply for the course using the form below.

The course will be an intense five days of rehearsals, workshops, events, discussion, and seminars that will approach the creation of new music from several different angles. Performers and composers will work together to stage several events featuring works that will be created before and during the course.

We will gather a community of ten participants – five musicians and five composers. The participants can be any age over 18, and can be at any stage in their career – pre-Kons/university, current students, recent graduates, more experienced practitioners etc. We will aim to create a diverse community of participants who may be at different stages in their career – as there is no traditional teaching on this course, the idea is that everyone attending will learn from each other via the creation of new music.

Participants will be selected by the course organisers INU4 collective, in partnership with SNYK – the Danish organisation for art music, classical and contemporary music, and sound art.

Alongside the participants we have invited two visiting artists. These artists will not be lecturing or teaching, but instead will join in, performing and working alongside the course participants. For the 2022 edition, the visiting artists will be Juliana Hodkinson (chair of the Danish Composer’s Society, associate professor at Griegakademiet in Bergen and Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium in Aarhus) and Jeppe Just Christensen (associate professor at Det Kongelige Danske Musikkonservatorium in Copenhagen).

For participating composers: You will be tasked with creating a short (5-7 minutes) piece in the months leading up to the academy for the musicians to perform during the course*. The instrumentation for the piece will be selected from the available instruments of the participating musicians. Your piece will be expected to be delivered to the musicians at least a month before the start of the course (i.e. scores and parts fully ready by the 1st June).

The piece can be purely instrumental or can contain mixed media, electronics, improvisation, performance practice, and so on. Any electronics must be discussed with the course organisers beforehand, and we will do our best to accommodate your technical setup requests. Composers may perform in their own works alongside the musicians.

You will also be expected to create a very short piece during the academy. These pieces will be assigned at the start of the festival and will be presented on the final night, alongside the works created before the course.

For participating musicians: You will receive repertoire to practice several months before the festival. This will consist of works written by the composer participants as well as pre-existing pieces. The pre-existing works will be sent in February 2022, and the pieces by composer participants will be sent to you by the 1st of June.

Alongside the formalised events of the course, there will also be a more open and more informal performance space every day. Participants will be encouraged to sign up for slots in these open spaces, and can present anything they have been working on for discussion. This could be a solo piece, an improvisation, a presentation, or anything else they would like feedback on.

Furthermore, all musicians and composers will collaborate in making joint, 24 hour pieces, that will be presented on the third day of the course.

For more information, including a detailed schedule and an application form, please visit our website Applications are open now and will close on the 1st December 2022.

There is no fee to apply to the course. There will be a participation fee of 750 DKK for all invited participants.

The Academy has been created by INU4 collective as a grassroots initiative. INU4 act as facilitators on the course – we will not be teaching, or trying to impose our view of new music on participants. The focus will be on joint creation, and fostering a curious and open minded approach to new music. We use the word ‘academy’ not in the context of teaching or studying, but in the sense of a collection of specialists coming together to explore a tradition.

*It will not be possible for the New Danish Music Academy to pay for any commission of a piece.


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