Spotlight on Magnus Lindberg

workshop for conductors and composers

12-20 January, 2022, Budapest, Hungary

The Peter Eötvös Contemporary Music Foundation announces a workshop for conductors and composers in cooperation with Ars Nova Ensemble (France) within the Mentoring Program between 12-20 January 2022, in Budapest (Hungary). Selected active conductors and mentees of the Foundation’s annual program will have the possibility to work on Magnus Lindberg’s Jubilees and new pieces by mentee composers will be rehearsed and performed, too.


Due to the ongoing pandemic cancellations and changes are possible in the program. Before travelling make sure you know all the details of the new travel regulations. To enter our masterclass you have to be fully vaccinated with a proven record.

Magnus Lindberg is one of the internationally best known Finnish composers of today. He is predominantly a composer of instrumental music, above all orchestral music.

As this workshop is part of the foundation’s Mentoring Program there will be new chamber pieces written for the workshop by 2 mentored composers of the foundation. The workshop offers working sessions with Peter Eötvös, Magnus Lindberg, Gregory Vajda and the two mentored composers: Balázs Kecskés D. and Francisco Domínguez.

The call is open for conductors and composers of all nationalities.

Age limit for active conductors and composers is 35 years, observers (conductors and composers) are accepted without age limit.

The course is suitable for advanced students and professionals with special interest in contemporary music repertoire.


Deadline 3o November 2021



November 30


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