Next Generation Composers Lab (NGC Lab)

An international creative laboratory will be held from 19 to 24 July 2021 for film composers Next Generation Composers Lab (NGC Lab), the main the mentor will be British composer Harry Gregson-Williams, author of music for numerous films, TV projects and video games, such as “Spy Games”, “Shrek”, “Prince of Persia”, “Mulan”.

Young Russian composers have the opportunity to join main program as fellows: Russian Musical the Union and the Union of Composers of Russia established two grants for training. A scholar of the Russian Musical Union may become a Russian student who has passed the selection on a common basis, and the Composers Union Russia will provide a grant to one of the organization’s members.

The laboratory will host lectures by professional speakers online and offline, including the founder of the company Efimovmusic, the developer virtual libraries of musical instruments Ilya Efimov, Orchestral Tools representative Maxim Luft, creative director of the agency Manners McDade Artist Management LLP Jenna Fentimen, lectures read by Gregson-Williams. Laboratory participants will gain experience writing scores for a symphony orchestra, also for them prepare a professionally mixed track of their own composition.

In addition, on July 21, a Gregson-Williams concert with participation of Russian musicians. NGC Lab is planned to conduct annually. Founder of the laboratory, composer and sound designer Nikolay Skachkov: “The profession of a film composer in Russia needs a transition to a qualitatively new level. Our NGC Lab project is promising a platform for the professional development of composers, as well as a springboard for aspiring musicians.

We really want to talented Russian composers are recognized all over the world ”. Chairman of the Board of the Russian Musical Union Andrey Krichevsky: “Russian Musical Union, acting as an organizer Film Composers Labs NGC Lab, aims to support aspiring authors and contribute to the development of international cooperation in the field of cinema music creation. The laboratory will become a platform for finding fresh sound, a meeting place and communication representatives of the professional community ”.

General Director of the Composers  Union of Russia Karina Abrahamyan:

“This project is, first of all, interesting from the point of view of gaining recording experience with an orchestra, especially for those young composers who have such there was no experience. And if a composer wants to try his hand at Western film industry, he will receive useful information in the laboratory about its specifics ”, – noted the importance of NGC Lab.


Deadline 20 March 2021



March 20


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