International Trombone Festival Composers Workshop

The International Trombone Festival is excited to sponsor the fifth annual COMPOSERS WORKSHOP, to be held at the University of Central Arkansas Conway, Arkansas, U.S.A.

July 13-16, 2022
Featuring coaching and master classes with the composer in residence
and performances of accepted compositions.
Eligibility: Any composer, regardless of age or nationality, is eligible to submit a maximum of one score, featuring trombone(s) in chamber music or solo settings.
Preferred instrumentation: Trombone choir (6-12 performers, including any combination of alto, tenor, and/or bass trombones), trombone quartet (3 tenor trombones, and 1 bass), or trombone (alto, tenor, or bass) and piano. Other instrumental combinations which prominently feature trombone will be considered (based on the availability of musicians to perform them).
Length of composition: Less than 10 minutes, including all movements. Longer or shorter works will be considered, based on merit.
Participation: Accepted composers will be invited to the 2022 Composers Workshop at the University of Central Arkansas, July 13-16, 2022, and will participate in exclusive master class opportunities with the composer in residence. Accepted scores will be presented on a New Music Concert, performed by ITF artists, presenters, registrants, and/or faculty. In addition, Composers Workshop attendees will have access to the full ITF schedule, which includes numerous master classes, concerts, and workshops featuring new music.
ITF Registration: Accepted composers must attend the ITF in person in Conway, Arkansas, and pay the regular, full registration rate. The ITF does not provide financial support for travel, registration, housing, meals, or other costs. For more information about the ITF schedule, please visit
Housing is available either on-site (dorms), or in local hotels and will be updated.
Composition Requirements: Submitted compositions must be 100% original. Previous performances of the submitted composition are allowed, provided that they are not high-profile, professionally archived/recorded, or otherwise in a format that would meaningfully detract from the “new music” or “premiere” status of the ITF concert format.

Application requirements:
o To apply, please submit an application, using the link below.…

o Be sure to have the following items ready to upload:
o Short bio, detailing career highlights and optional PR photo
o Current resume or curriculum vitae (include current contact information, educational background, list of published/non-published works, and other pertinent, professional information to composing)
o Score in PDF format. Do not send parts at this time. Parts will be requested from the selected composers. Score should include any additional information necessary for the performance of the work. Scores that are not in PDF format will not be considered.
o A recording of the piece. Submit a URL to a recording of the piece on any online platform (YouTube, Soundcloud, Dropbox, websites, etc.) If a live recording is not available, a MIDI or other digital representation is acceptable.
See you in Arkansas!


Deadline 13 February 2022



February 13


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