International Composition And Guitar Masterclass And Workshop

01-05 June 2022

Tutors: Giorgio Colombo Taccani, Elena Càsoli

The Masterclass and Workshop are addressed to all composers and classical guitarists who wish to present their works to Giorgio Colombo Taccani and Elena Casoli, discussing topics ranging from the most technical aspects to reflections on writing and contemporaneity, with particular attention to the analysis and in-depth study of some of the most representative pieces of the 20th and 21st centuries. An integral part of the Masterclass will be a Workshop on composition for solo guitar; the aim of the Workshop is to promote a close-contact experience between guitarists and composers, sharing the stages of writing and developing together new works for guitar, but also focusing on common moments of reflection and investigation. Under the guidance of the tutors, the relationship between composer and performer will be examined, as well as the relationship between sign and interpretation, or other topics that may interest the participants, in an atmosphere of dialogue and transversal interaction, working on the development of new pieces for guitar.

The organisation of the course includes a selection process, after which pairs of guitarists and composers will be formed. Each composer attending the course will write a piece for solo guitar, entrusted to each guitarist; the organisation will then arrange for each composer to be in contact with a guitarist to exchange drafts and ideas, so that the piece can be finalised in a profitable way during the Masterclass. The new pieces will be presented during a final concert, hosted by Foresty International Music Festival.

A live (audio and video) recording of the concert will be made, which will be given to each composer and guitarist and (by prior agreement with them), published on the social pages and website of CdM San Michele and Foresty International Music Festival.

The residency at Casa San Michele and in the neighbouring village (Montaldeo) will offer the possibility to share ideas and experiences of our artistic activity also in our free time.

Submission Period: from 21 January 2022 h 00.01 UTC+1
End of Submission Period: 28 February 2022 h 23.59 UTC+1
Result Dates: 04 March 2022 h 23.59 UTC+1


Deadline 28 February 2022



February 28


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