Contemporary Music Lab: Composition Workshop 2022 – Nicosia, Cyprus

Contemporary Music Lab Composition Workshop 2022
at European University Cyprus, 5 – 7 May

After a two-year pause due to the pandemic, the Contemporary Music Lab launches the 3rd Composition Workshop which will be held in Nicosia, Cyprus, between 5 to 7 May 2022, at the European University Cyprus and will include Composition, Analysis classes as well as Rehearsals with the guest players.

The workshop aims to engage with young composers who wish to complete a new work, taking advantage of the experience and advice from guest composers and performers during the sessions and rehearsals.
All new works composed for the workshop will be presented and recorded during a concert open to the public.
This year, the instrumentation will be Piano, Flute, Classical Guitar with a possible addition of Vibraphone and Electric Guitar duet*. Selected composers will be assigned to compose a five-minute (5’) work for Solo or combination of the above instruments that will be announced later, with the results.
* The Vibraphone-Electric Guitar duet will be confirmed with the results

• Conditions
1.The workshop is open to composers born after December 31, 1986.
2.Composers’ applications and dossiers will be examined by a reading panel made up of guest instructors whose decisions are final.
3.The directors in agreement with the instructors responsible for the workshop, have the right to dismiss a score if it cannot be realized during the work sessions.
4. Participants who will be selected to compose a piece for the workshop have to attend the ‘CML Composition Workshop 2022’ in order for their work to be performed at the final concert.
5.Tuition: 85 € for active participants
40 € for auditors

• Submission Deadline:
31 January 2022
• Workshop Dates:
05 – 07 May 2022

• How to apply:
A full application should be sent to including:
– The application form, duly completed and signed:…
– A recent ID photograph (passport format)
– A curriculum vitae (studies, current activities, achievements in the field of the composition, etc) written in English
– Up to three (3) scores with recordings where available (links to large files are accepted) demonstrating the skills of the composers in solo and chamber music writing.

• Submission deadline of the above materials:
31 January 2022

Selected candidates will receive a confirmation email by 10 February 2022
The panel will assign to each selected composer a solo instrument to compose a work for (no more than 5 minutes in duration). Submission deadline of the new scores is set as the 10 April 2022 the latest.

• Course fees (paid on the first day of the Workshop):

Active participant: 85 euro
Auditor: 40 euro

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Deadline 31 January 2022



January 31


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