Composition Competition 2021 ‘art and violence’ – II edition

COMPOSITION COMPETITION 2021 ‘art and violence’ – II edition

– regulations
2Act Foundation hereby announces its second Composition Competition for composers from all over the
world to create a new work for instrumental trio. We would like to ask composers to present us with their
own, individual inter-pretation of this year’s subject, ‘Art and violence ’

We are looking for original works that not only focus on musical matter but also consider aspects related to
the theme of the competition ‘Art and violence’.

1. The challenge of the second edition of the is to compose an original work for an instrumental trio
consisted of:
a) piano (one performer)
b) percussion (one performer) – the list of the instruments given below (paragraph 1.1.)
c) one woodwind instrument of choice:
– flute (piccolo, grande, alto, bass – one performer)
– clarinet ( B, A, E-flat, bass in B – one performer)
– saxophone (alto, tenor, baritone – one performer)
– bassoon (one performer)
1.1. Percussion instruments:
A. Selected range of larger percussion instruments can be used in the composition competition. It is
acceptable and welcome to use consecutive, single small instruments (percussion, not percussion), objects,
analog / digital effects, toys, hand-made instruments, etc., at the composer’s discretion and imagination.
B. It is necessary to precisely describe them on the explanation page in the score. Nevertheless, in such a
case, the composer is obliged to provide such instruments / software / etc. for the period of rehearsals and
performance at the request of the performers.
C. Any combination of instruments is possible. However, the selection and disposition of instruments in
such a way that they form a small multipercussion set is obligatory.
D. A drawing of the arrangement of the instruments on the stage is not required, unless the particular
arrangement is inherent in the composition.
E. The starting point of the set is a percussion set (rock / jazz), but it is suggested to transform / extend /
limit it in such a way that it would lose its entertainment idiom and its typical scenic character, through the
selection of additional instruments / objects and the shape of the “installation”.
F. Drum kit (kickdrum, snare drum, up to 2 tom toms (floor included), hi-hat, cymbals)
a. Crotales (range of two octaves – one octave or singular plates to choose from);
b. Wind gong 60 cm / Chau gong (Wuhan tam-tam) 85 cm / Paiste Symphonic gong 24 “/ Thai gong F1 (60
cm) (one to choose)
c. Thai gongs: octave range c ‘- c “(please select individual sounds)
d. Crashes, Splashes, Rides, HiHats, Chineses, Bells hanging plates, combinations of these (please select
type and approximate size)
e. Small Chinese gongs: Mun, Heng, Opera, Chau, Winter (a), etc.
f. Chinese, Indian and Tibetan bowls
g. Various types of chimes (metal (household and traditional), shells, light bulbs)
h. Almglocken: a #, e ‘, a’, d # ” (selectable 1-4)
i. Metals: brake drums, pipes, plates, cans, grill, springs: heavy and light steel, iron, aluminum, copper
j. Lastra 1m
k. Log drum (two-tone, undefined): 70 cm long.
l. Wooden boxes and bars (1-4 pieces to choose from)
m. Rythmes et Sons Poly-Blocks® (1-3 pieces to choose from)
n. Flex-a-tone
G. Any sticks, bows, vibrators, superballs, tapes, foils, VHS tapes, brushes, metal, bamboo and wooden
beaters, etc. are available. In the case of specific objects for sound extraction, the composer will be asked
to provide them for the period of rehearsals and performance.
2. Composition duration: 10 to 12 minutes.
3. It is not allowed to use electronic layer in the competition works.
4. The competition is open to composers of all nationalities without age restrictions.
5. There is no entry fee.
6. The submitted work may not be:
a. previously awarded in a national or international composition competition,
b. registered commercially,
c. performed publicly.
7. The completed score should be edited in one of the music notation software (Sibelius, Finale, MuseScore
ect.) and sent as a PDF file.
8. Each composer may submit any number of works, which should be sent in separate and anonymous
applications to the following address:
9. Deadline for submission of works: February 28, 2022.
The applications should include:
1. A complete score with a pseudonym – the score should have an emblem on the title page
2. Program note about the composition.
3. The form with the composer’s basic personal data can be downloaded: ENG:
The results of the competition will be announced by March 20, 2022 on the website
In the end of the competition all PDF files will be destroyed. The judges and the audience will only know the
name of the composer of the winning piece.
The competition jury will be composed of outstanding composers and teachers:
prof. dr hab. Marcel Chyrzyński (Poland)
prof. dr hab. Wojciech Ziemowit Zych (Poland)
dr hab. Maciej Jabłoński (Poland)
dr Jarosław Płonka – secretary of the competition
1st PRIZE: 3,000 PLN as well as the performance and professional recording by Spółdzielnia Muzyczna
Contemporary Ensemble
2nd PRIZE: performance and professional recording by Spółdzielnia Muzyczna Contemporary Ensemble
The premiere of the winning composition will take place around April / May 2022, during the final concert
organized in the interiors of the Wilia Decjusza Cultural Institute in Krakow – a partner institution of the
2Act Foundation.
The program will also include works by composers distinguished by the jury and compositions from the
world repertoire of 20th and 21st century.
If it is possible – the concert will be held with the participation of the audience, while maintaining the safety
rules related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The entire concert will be professionally recorded (audio and video). The winning works will be included in
the repertoire of Spółdzielnia Muzyczna Contemporary Ensemble and will be performed at the ensemble’s
next concerts.
Competition announcement: 1.XII.2021
Deadline for submission of scores: 28.II.2022
Competition results: March 20, 2022
Date of the concert: up to 2 months from the announcement of the results – approx. April / May 2022
The jury reserves the right to distribute the prizes or not to award them at all.
If you have any questions, please contact:
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Deadline 28 February 2022



February 28


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