Composition and Live Electronics Collaborative

Stefano Gervasoni & Marco Liuni
August 16-22

The atelier will take place in Livorno from August 16 to 22, 2021. A final concert will be held on August 22 in the program of the Livorno Music Festival.

Should the evolution of the health emergency prevent the course and the concert in attendance from taking place as planned, the activities will take place online and the compositions will be proposed in a live event via the internet.

The program is divided into collective courses (composition, musical informatics, sound recording and diffusion techniques) and individual meetings. The final event includes a unique musical creation, of which each participant creates a section autonomously. During the realization of the projects, the participants share the tasks of computer music design and sound projection, in addition to the musical direction of the interpreters.

The musical material is defined autonomously by the selected candidates, prior to the atelier.

Once the project is approved, the candidates complete the score before the atelier, sending a first draft of the score before June 30. The week of meetings with teachers and musicians will serve to perfect the final version. The electronic part is based on materials (vocal, instrumental, environmental) selected by the participants; new materials will also be created during the atelier.

Artistic projects – The Divine Comedy illustrated by Dalì

Each student works on an original artistic project, developed from a selection of digital reproductions of Salvador Dalì original works from the Pivetti Collection, which illustrate The Divine Comedy (permission to reproduce is kindly granted by the Pivetti family).

These woodcuts are made in mixed media, watercolor with pen interventions, and were conceived at the dawn of the mystical period of Dali.

The interpreters available to students are 3 female voices with the following registers:

FELICITA BRUSONI, High soprano “di coloratura”

Projects are selected on the basis of two main criteria:

Original approach to the relationship between music and the proposed works
Quality and originality of the musical idea

For the electronic part, the sending of audio tracks is required in relation to the proposal made. This material is required for selection purposes, and will serve as a basis for personal and collective work during the atelier. However, the materials sent will not necessarily be used for the concert.

Registration fee: € 110,00,
Participation fee: 350 €


Deadline 31 May 2021



May 31


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