Composers’ Retreat 2022

Hello, we are the New Hong Kong Philharmonia, a non-profit organization in Hong Kong. We have organized a new virtual program held in March 2022, the Composers Retreat with Dr. Chen Yi, for Composition students in the United States. It will be a 4-day program held via zoom, where students will have reading sessions with our professional quartet, and have their work recorded and premiered in the Hong Kong City Hall Recital Hall. We would like to extend a warm invitation to you all to join our program.

About the Program
With the goal of reaching more students overseas and connecting musicians across the globe despite our physical boundaries, NHKP will be organizing a 4-day virtual Composers’ Retreat during Spring Break for students in the US to participate in. Students will submit their work and receive valuable feedback from our faculty, Dr. Chen Yi, as well as gain experience communicating with a professional quartet in Hong Kong. Relevant lectures will also be conducted for students to learn outside their school environments. Last but not least, NHKP offers students the opportunity for professional reading, new composition premiere and possible collaboration with NHKP in the future. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. We are also giving out 10 merit scholarships of US$100 to help payout tuition fees.

About Us
New Hong Kong Philharmonia is an NGO which uses music as a medium to create an impact beyond purely music making and nurtures musicians into society’s compassionate, capable, and responsible leaders. For further details, please visit our website:

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Deadline 23 January 2022



January 23


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