Announcing the launch of Composers Lab

Saint Petersburg Contemporary Music Center announces the launch of Composers Lab, an educational project in collaboration with Ensemble C Barré (Marseille, France). The project is supported by the French Institute in Saint Petersburg and will be held in the framework of the 8th St. Petersburg International New Music Festival. Selected composers will be given an opportunity to work with Ensemble C Barré and to have individual lessons under direction esteemed faculty invited this year for the Composition Course (curator – composer Alexander Khubeev). This creative composing lab is an exciting opportunity for young and emerging composers from around the world. Selected composers will participate in the festival’s events, master classes, reading sessions and workshops, as well as receive a professional live recording of their work at one of the festival concerts.

The Festival is a point of intersection where the diverse world views of contemporary composers meet at a crossroads of musical paths that have emerged in the past few years. The festival offers various musical concepts that facilitate the learning and understanding of a new, unique musical language of numerous dialects created by late 20th century and 21st century composers.

The festival program has numerous highlights; instead of relying on the form of traditional concerts it will be additionally offering master classes, pre-rehearsal talks, scientific conference, forum, presentations, educational lectures and workshops. The concerts themselves are designed to be inherently educational. And an emphasis on chamber ensemble programming allows the opportunity to hear both young emerging groups and longtime leaders of the European contemporary music scene, provoking creative discussions and a mutual exchange of ideas in the artistic community.


Deadline 9 April 2021