Left Coast Chamber Ensemble: Composition Contest

2019 Composition Contest
US $1500 cash

Performance by Left Coast Chamber Ensemble during the 2019-2020 concert season
Recording of the live performance

Composers of all ages and nationalities may apply.
Select any combination of the following instrumentation for 1-7 players:
1 Voice (Soprano)
1 Flute (doubling Alto Flute and/or Piccolo)
1-2 Oboes (one doubling English Horn)
1 Clarinet (doubling B flat, A, E flat, and/or Bass Cl.)
1 Piano
1 Percussion
1-2 Violins
1-2 Violas
1-2 Cellos
1 Double Bass
1 Guitar

Length: 5-20 minutes

Score: Each composer must submit a legible score of professional quality. No marks identifying the composer must appear anywhere on the score.

Recording: Submitting a recording is optional but highly recommended. Live recordings are preferred. MIDI realizations are acceptable.

Number of entries: Composers may submit as many works as they like, each one accompanied by a separate application and entry fee.

Payment: The entry fee is $16 for each composition.

You may not enter the contest if any of these conditions apply:
The submitted work must not have been professionally recorded for commercial CD release.
Musicians, board members, and composers already affiliated with the Left Coast Chamber Ensemble may not enter the competition; likewise, their spouses, domestic partners and relatives may not enter the competition.

Deadline: Friday, February 1, 2019 (midnight, Pacific time)

Winner will be announced late March 2019.

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