Sound Plasma Festival Berlin

Sound Plasma is a mini festival dedicated to music with alternative intonation, in broadest definition of the term. The festival will take place in two parts in Tallinn and in Berlin. This year’s events in Berlin will be held from November 1st to 3rd, 2019 at the Acker Stadt Palast.

With many avid fans extending beyond contemporary or classical music community, many composers employ various aspects of micro-intervals on their works to some degrees, either as means of expression, or as the very fabric of their music. Meanwhile, the more experimental and liberal micro- interval music often has little place on the usual repertoire of contemporary music scene. Sound Plasma is hoping to fill the gap by presenting a festival fully dedicated and devoted to repertoire of alternative intonation music.

The Sound Plasma project gives occasion to present less known, yet important and powerful, works of microtonal music. Works by composers such as Horatiu Radulescu, Morton Feldman, Ana-Maria Avram, Iancu Dumitrescu, Giacinto Scelsi, Marc Sabat, Pascale Criton, Gérard Pape, Nicholas Deyoe, Matthias S. Krüger, Manfred Stahnke, Wolfgang von Schweinitz, Yair Klartag, Cenk Ergün, Eleni Ralli, Raphaël Languillat, Arash Yazdani, among others, will be performed during the festival.


Sound Plasma Berlin
Acker Stadt Palast

The program:
Friday, 1st November
18.30   Erik Drescher (Germany), flutes and electronics
20.30   Unassisted Fold Ensemble (Germany), flute, e-guitar and electronics

Saturday, 2nd November
18.30   Samuel Ekkehardt Dunscombe (Australia), electronics
20.30   Ensemble for New Music Tallinn (Estonia)

Sunday, 3rd November
18.30   Nicholas Isherwood (France/US), voice
20.30   Sound Plasma International Ensemble

Further information about concert program: