Intonema: concert and workshop in ESG-21

Thursday, October 8th 2015
Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21)
Ligovsky prospekt 53

The Intonema label presents the first autumn experimental music concert in ESG-21/Museum of sound.

The program:

Ian DOUGLAS-MOORE & Paul N ROTH (Berlin)
Mapping aesthetics within aesthetics: curation in ausland, workshop

Yuri AKBALKAN (*1986)
Rose, for performer and objects

Ian DOUGLAS-MOORE & Paul N ROTH (*1984, 1983)
Mediumloud noise music, for saxophone and guitar

Ian Douglas-Moore and Paul N Roth met in 2011 while working for a summer camp 2 hours south of Berlin. Both originally from the US, Paul’s curiosity was stirred when he learned (after some surprising conversations around the campfire) that Ian worked for ausland, one of Berlin’s most intriguing venues for experimental music. A year later, Paul was also on the ausland team and the two began work on their own duo collaboration.

The project now melds the unique approaches of each artists’ solo work on their respective instruments. Ian lays out sound walls using guitar-created sine tones, feedback, and a deliberate approach to sonic layering while Paul inlays his electronics-influenced approach to the alto saxophone, ducking in and out of the sound space with microtonal manipulations, multiphonics, drones, and other noise gestures, sometimes to reinforce the overall texture, other times to destroy it.

The result is a continuous sound field that seems to evolve slowly but at the same time constantly reworks itself through subtle turns, hints, and premonitions crafted by two sound artists very keen on manipulating sonic space.

Yuri Akbalkan is a composer and musician based in St. Petersburg, researches in the direction of experimental composition, improvisation and electroacoustic music. Participant of the ESG-21 “Electroacoustic Music Lab”. “Rose” commissioned by reMusik festival for Ensemble Batida (Switzerland) in autumn 2014. At the concert it will be presented an extended version of the piece for one performer. In generally the idea of the “Rose” is about little things – empty forms which connected only by their existence inside thyself; things are what they are. There are a certain quantity of little objects and instruments (toy piano, harmonica, pure tone generator, mechanical keyboard, radio, clockwork and hand cranked music box movements, small sticky tape, tuning fork) and performer(s) who are in dialogue with these things.